2019 For The Foodies And Their Sun Signs 

2019 For The Foodies And Their Sun Signs 

Aries, the enthusiastic and wilful Ram, is going to have an interesting year that is going to be way up sometimes, and at others quite low. The business and career graph certainly shows rising movement, and the year presents opportunities for spiritual learning, if you are so inclined. Travel for, both, work and pleasure is strongly indicated, as is happier communication, and fun times with friends. But, dear Ram, you are going to need to be alert at all times, as deception and relationship conflict and/or financial hurdles could be waiting in the wings to test your mettle. Family members could try your patience, making you edgy. Don’t ignore your health in 2019, and give your body enough rest, and the right nutrition.

Eating the right foods keeps your metabolism in balance, so that you deal with the anxiety that could creep up on you. Instead of reaching out for that bowl of mac and cheese, try a salad consisting of asparagus, avocado, baby spinach, orange wedges, and cracked almonds. If you are a diehard non-vegetarian, try adding some delicious flaked salmon. These foods are rich in vitamins and potassium, helping you to fight those nerves, and keep that temper in check. Try to cut out white rice, and add brown rice and quinoa to your diet. A great meal for the cool winter months is a delicious bowl of hot rajma chawal made with brown rice or quinoa, topped with a dollop of thick Greek yogurt. Do try to include more coconut oil in your daily cooking; its excellent for those powerful brain cells of yours. When its ice-cream you are craving, blend an avocado, a banana, handful of cranberries, some Greek yogurt, and honey. To this add well-chopped nuts, and freeze. In less than two hours you have delicious ice-cream that you can eat till its all finished.

Taurus, the steady and strong Bull, is all set to have a year of changes and transformations, and many positive developments. Profits, investment opportunities, higher learning, promotion and progress wait to welcome this optimistic Bull. You tend to take things slowly, but if love knocks at your door, don’t think too long before you welcome it in. 2019 is going to see you busy tying up loose ends, and completing tasks that need your urgent attention. Though you might feel overwhelmed at times, be sure to have many exciting times with your friends to reenergize yourself.

You do not like too much change, dear bull, but change is certainly what you are going to face this year. Don’t lose that cool composure, and escape the reality by indulging in cheese, chocolates and alcohol. Rich foods are going to play havoc with your digestion, and make it more difficult for you to be productive and energetic. Yes, you do love your carbs, but try to stay away from them. Turn instead, to fruits like apples, berries, and bananas, and vegetables like beets, beans, sweet potato, kale, spinach, and corn. Avoid the fatty meats and enjoy fish and eggs. Yummy Nicoise Salad comes to mind. A small nibble at a 70% dark chocolate bar washed down with a cup of green tea can be a good energy boost. Turn away from packaged foods and find ways to satisfy your cravings in ways that shall keep you active and alert. For example, what about popping some corn in a heated pan with the lid closed, drizzling some extra virgin olive oil over it, and adding a large pinch of chaat masala? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Oh so smooth and charming Gemini, hold on to your sense of fun and adventure, because 2019 takes you on some pretty interesting roller coaster rides. Romance comes in, but makes you work hard to stop it from losing its spark. Education opportunities present themselves, but could stress you out by the amount of planning and focus they demand. Friends play a very helpful role in 2019, but they may not always agree with your plans and decisions. All in all, it shall seem to you that you are being constantly called upon to alter your plans, change your direction, and meet untried situations. Don’t let that pleasing smile waver, and hold on to your confidence.

This is certainly not the time to ignore your health, and eat poorly. The constant busy-ness, and mental work demanded of you, could cause more than just a little strain on your stomach. Ensure that you eat some protein at every meal whether it is in the form of egg, fish, meat, home-made cheese, soya, almonds, oats, broccoli, homemade yogurt, or lentils. Make a mix of almonds, walnuts, dates, dried figs, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, and carry that with you in an airtight container so that you can snack on this whenever you wish to. Keep away from sugar, bread, biscuits and cakes, or learn to make some great tasting muffins from nut flours and coconut sugar. Including a routine of yoga, exercise, and meditation in your day shall help you more than you believe, stopping those mental wheels from turning while you sleep peacefully.

Cancer, the nurturing and possessive Crab, your hard work and capabilities are rewarded in 2019. Current businesses grow, and new business opportunities come your way. Don’t respond to these in your usual tentative manner. Be confident, and go for it! This is a good year for house and home, relationships and love. You shall enjoy happy times with your family, even though your work is certainly going to keep you very busy. In an already busy year, ensure that you do not take on responsibilities that others can easily handle. Learn to delegate, and be realistic about how much you can handle.

Acidity is a common Cancerian health problem and eating the right foods that maintain acid-alkaline balance even when there is stress is key to good health. Did you know that Japanese cuisine is a wonderfully balanced one? You love to cook, dear Crab, so why not try your hand at Japanese cooking? Avoid ‘white foods’ like white rice, white sugar, milk, and white refined flour. Have freshly squeezed orange juice daily, and eat apples, melons, fresh tomatoes, pineapples and grapefruit. Beets, mushrooms, broccoli, potatoes, and cabbage are also good to eat. Cook with coconut oil and olive oil, and include homemade yogurt at least one meal every day. Instead of tea and coffee, enjoy a cup of green tea with some refreshing ginger added to it. Any lean meat is good for you, but stay away from too many eggs. Highly salted stuff and processed cheese shall make you more edgy, and best stayed away from.

Leo, the proud and dynamic Lion, is out to conquer the world in 2019. All that you had worked hard for in 2018 bears fruit in 2019. Let this not make you too cocky and brash, dear Leo. Curb extravagance. This is an important message for Leo. And more so in 2019. You could have worn yourself quite thin last year, so you must ensure that you strike a work-life balance this year. Spend time reading and writing, as these activities are natural destressors. Do not participate in competitive activities if they cause you undue stress. Even though the year is filled with many good events, you might upset the apple cart by your hot-temper and uncontrolled emotions. This could also adversely affect your health, a small issue flaring up into something big because of the emotional raggedness.

Eat right to prevent health upsets. What works best for you are whole grains, fish, black beans, tofu, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, red peppers, papaya and nuts. Here’s something new and tasty that you could try – Drizzle some olive oil onto small broccoli florets, and add salt, pepper and a small pinch of paprika. Grill them in a hot oven till lightly brown and crispy. Dunk these in homemade hummus, and enjoy them with a small glass of red wine. And for keeping your cool and not getting worked up, you can reward yourself with a bite of dark chocolate.

Gentle and helpful Virgo, your sensible approach to most events shall take you through some of the rough patches that 2019 shall bring to you. You shall be called upon to be sure and decisive, instead of doubting yourself and your abilities. Relationships, and assets and money are two areas that shall require your attention this year. If you are spiritually inclined, 2019 shall see you making big strides in this area, as you learn from the unpleasant experiences, and enjoy the good ones. This year do learn about nutrition and natural remedies, so that you can help your children and family members. You like helping and serving others, dear Virgo, but you have to take care of yourself too. You strive for perfection but stress yourself out in the bargain. Be kinder to yourself, and less critical of others.

Virgo has a sensitive gastrointestinal tract and abdomen, and attention to eating right is most important. A vegetarian diet is the perfect one for you, and sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts and broccoli are a valuable source of proteins. Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, and green vegetables, supply you with the vitamins and minerals you need, and millet, oats, and quinoa provide the necessary fibre for the gastrointestinal tract. Roasted vegetables dunked in a dip made by blending char-grilled red and yellow peppers with a little vinegar, sugar and salt, makes a great snack or a delicious accompaniment to a main course at lunch or dinner.

Tentative and guarded Libra, this is your year! Make the most of it. Yes, home and family responsibilities and duties are certainly on the cards (maybe more emphatically than you might like it to be), but this is the year you break free of the constraints you put upon yourself. You seek balance so fervently that you often lose out on opportunities. Do not make this mistake in 2019. This is the year of opportunity, shift, and personal growth. There might be a crisis or two thrown in to keep you on your toes, but have greater confidence in your abilities to ride above these waves. More strongly than ever before, this is the year to lay a firm foundation for the future, whether through an investment in property or a major career move. You might also review some of your relationships, and realize that not all of these are worth the effort you are putting in. Keep your cool, and speak up when you need to so that you don’t flare up later. This is a good year for travel and further study.

With so much happening for you, you shall certainly need to ensure that you are eating right and recharging your batteries. Fast foods, packaged foods, and fatty foods are best avoided altogether. They shall slow you down and make you sluggish. Instead turn to fresh foods that are light and easy to digest, but still pack a punch of energy. Edamame beans, roasted sweet potato chaat, tuna salad, lightly cooked salmon, grilled chicken breast with quinoa salad, chicken livers, eggs with roasted tomatoes, stir-fried tofu, cheese and olive oil on rye bread, Greek yogurt, bhel puri, kale crisps, roasted beets, dark chocolate, these are the kind of foods that shall help you to stay on top of things, even when multi-tasking is the only way to go through the busy day. Adequate sleep and healthy food are the answer as you go through a few rough spots on the health front.

Mysterious and magnetic Scorpio, 2019 is a mixed bag. Career and profession show growth, and even change in many cases, but health is certainly to be taken care of. As your creativity bursts forth, you shall have to learn to trust people, ask for help, and be willing to share your problems with others. When you learn to get along with others, and be considerate about their needs, 2019 shall reward you very richly, and you and your work shall receive much praise. This could be a stressful year of up’s and down’s, and yoga and meditation are strongly recommended for you. This shall also help you to maintain even relationships, and not enter into conflict with family members.

Ditch that pizza, pasta, cake, biscuits, burger, and so on. These shall add to your inner stress and react adversely on that tentative health. Instead why not study about high-magnesium foods like bananas, spinach, almonds, figs and beans? Hummus, green tea, oolong tea, and shrimps are also good stress busters. Instead of skipping breakfast, get into the habit of a healthy oatmeal honey porridge with berries. As work increases and success knocks at your door, you shall need to work out a regimen of exercise, good food, yoga and meditation so that you are able to enjoy the upswing that comes your way.

Sagacious and cultured Sagittarius keep that temper well in control in 2019. Relationships shall be strained in the family circle and with friends, so remain cool and composed, and think before you speak or offer an opinion. Another area that might cause you stress is finance. If you are buying property, ensure that you have read through every single clause and loophole. This year shall present many opportunities to you to flourish spiritually and embark upon philosophical study. New work and fresh projects may take you overseas, and bring you much success. This year shows a strong potential for unhealthy weight gain, so ensure that your diet is modified keeping this in mind.

Avoid foods that are rich in butter, cream, sugar, and oil. Simple meals, cooked at home, are the best option for 2019. Meats are certainly what you might enjoy but balance these with a large bowl of salad. Eat more millet, quinoa and couscous, and turn away from bread and pasta. Avoid that dessert, and end your meal with a piece of good dark chocolate. Drink a lot of water, and do not ignore exercise.

Ambitious and image-conscious Capricorn, this is the year when you shall rise to each occasion showing how reliable and hardworking you are. 2019 asks you to be practical, determined and realistic. Investments may not yield more than just average returns but do not allow that to make you fret. This year is about slow and steady financial gain. Get out of your comfort zone, and dare to do something that you have not tried before. This is your year for travel and communications, so make the most of all opportunities that come your way. Maintain harmony at home and outside the home, as you might find yourself getting impatient and critical.

This year is good health-wise, and maintaining a sensible diet is all that you need to do. Of course you can have your cheat days, but having a balanced diet on most days, and including enough exercise in your regimen can help you to stay away from the increasing waistline that consistently threatens the Capricornian. Eat high energy foods like nuts and seeds, and stay away from foods like burgers and pizzas that make you sluggish.

Caring but detached Aquarius, 2019 shall ask you to make some important decisions about yourself and your life. You are very intelligent, and you need to use your excellent analytical ability to review many of your life situations, and make decisions that are best for you and your future. This might seem like a hard struggle, but it is urgently required. Change, travel and relocation are on the cards, so if you feel so inclined, do not hesitate. Your home will demand your attention, and you could get busy with home renovations. At least one family member shall need your attention. Though 2019 will not see an upsurge in your finances, the overall financial situation is nothing to be concerned about. Socially, this is a great year, and you shall meet many new and interesting people.

With all that mental activity that you are involved in, you need to include high-protein foods in your daily diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables, berries, hard cheeses, tofu, dates, nuts, fish, eggs, and whole grains are excellent for your constitution. Avoid tea and coffee, and instead try the many herbal teas available in the market.

Sensitive and compassionate Pisces, 2019 brings you much admiration for your sharp mind. You attain your dreams and goals, and become more self-aware. Important people come into your life who shall help you. Hard work shall be asked of you if you wish to reap the benefits of 2019. One or more friendships might cause you some strain, but integrity, honesty and forthrightness shall help you through. This is a good time to get involved in some group or community project. Your efforts shall be appreciated, and you shall be happy to recognise how much you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Work on your relationships, and stay clear of behaviour patterns that are egoistic. Health is not an issue, but simplicity is the name of the game.

Simple foods that are not overly salty or spicy, sweet or oily, shall be easily digested, leaving you feeling mentally alert and active. Choose foods that are light, and do not overeat at any meal. Stay clear of self-indulgent activities, and exercise self-discipline particularly when it comes to food. If you are feeling mentally or physically lethargic, instantly turn your attention to your diet, and make some vital changes.

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