23 One-Pot Recipes That Are Perfectly Satisfying For A Weeknight Dinner

23 One-Pot Recipes That Are Perfectly Satisfying For A Weeknight Dinner

With all the time you've been spending at home, the one thing on top of your mind right now is probably food. Sometimes making elaborate meals result in piles of endless number of dishes too. And, that's the last thing you need right now with either so much of house chores or work from home assignments. We don't want you to spend all your time in the kitchen. So, we bring to you this amazing cooking technique, a rescue from having to do ginormous amounts of dishes while you still can have a delicious meal on a plate. Here are one-pot meal recipes that you will love.

1. One-Pot Chole Pulao Recipe

With all the limited stuff you have in your kitchen if you're wondering that chole and rice is something that goes together, stop the wonder. Learn how to make Chole Pulao in these easy steps for a wholesome dinner.

2. Masoor Chawal Recipe

Nutritious, delicious, quick, and easy is what describes this dish. Serve this pulao with curd, papad, and pickle and you have yourself a comforting dish on a weeknight.

3. Chicken Stew

Well, if you don't like to spend all your time in the kitchen, you can still make a yummy delicious meal in just 10 minutes and with so much time left on your hand, you could focus on mastering any art form that you'd always wanted to.

4. Lemon Rice

Chatpata Nimbu Rice sounds so good during the summers. This tangy taste will make you feel like you're outdoors during this lockdown and all you needed was just one pot to cook it in.

5. Instant Chicken Curry Rice

This one dish is a 5-course meal in itself. Made in entirely one pot with available masalas and ingredients in your kitchen, if you're wondering what to make of the chicken in your kitchen, this is it.

6. Vangi Bhaat

Vangi Bath is a light spicy rice dish made with sauteed brinjal, rice, and Indian spices. It is particularly popular in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra where Vangi means brinjal/baingan/eggplant and Bath/Bhath/Bhat means rice in the local language. Due to this, it is also commonly known as Brinjal Rice. This one-pot is a mix of cultural traditions & is super tasty too. I'm salivating, are you?

7. Aloo Matar Pulao

You might have heard about two peas in a pod but did you know about 2 peas in a pot? This amazing combination of Aloo Matar makes this Pulao dish complete. It can be made in no time and is the most delicious and simple recipe that can be cooked in one-pot.

8. Fada Ni Khichdi

This khichdi is a wholesome and hearty one-pot meal. All you need is some veggies, daliya and moong dal. This means it's super healthy and it's also very fun to make!

9. Rice Kheer

Craving for something sweet? A no-fuss Rice Kheer recipe will be a saviour for your taste buds in this quarantine!

10. Fried Aloo Pulao

Aloo is one ingredient in your kitchen that fits into any pot. This fried aloo pulao is exactly the right blend of simplicity and masala.

11. Mexican Vegetable Rice

A hugely popular dish in the American south-west, Mexican vegetable rice is spicy and delicious. It is garnished with fresh cheese and it’s easy to make.

12. Organic Bean and Sausage Stew

This dish is healthy and tasty. It doesn't need a lot of ingredients and is super simple to make! This dish proves what a lovely combination of ingredients can elevate a dish.

13. Instant Tomato Rice

There are multiple things that you can do with leftover rice, one is to make tomato rice with it. This tomato rice is made with a tangy and spicy mixture of sautéed tomato, onion, coriander leaves, and an array of Indian spices that will surely please your palate.

14. Organic Spinach and Corn Casserole

Organic foods might be hard to source right now but you can always pick some locally-grown vegetables to prepare this dish. It's easy to make and this is yet another dish that proves that spinach and corn go so well together.

15. Mediterranean Penne Pasta

Are you always looking for different ways to make pasta? Well this recipe might just add a little more fun to your palate and your day.

16. Pav Bhaji

Did you know you can make the famous Pav Bhaji that you love so much in just one-pot? This recipe is proof that pav bhaji is not as hard as you thought it was to make.

17. Tava Pulao

This recipe has a lot of masalas, probably something that you must be craving right now. I'd personally recommend trying this with the Bhaji (see above for recipe) for a perfect food plate that you are bound to fall in love with. Thank me later!

18. Anda Biryani Recipe

This Anda Biryani recipe is what you need this lockdown! Say goodbye to all those Biryani dreams because they'll come true when you make this easy and delicious one-pot Anda Biryani.

19. Panchamel Dal Khichdi

As the name suggests, this dal khichdi is made of 5 Dals- Toor, Masoor, Moong, Chana and Urad Dal. You know what they say about the power of 5. Get cooking because lunchtime is about to get fun.

20. Paneer Masala Pulao

We all love Paneer and if we could, we'd have it in every meal if it wasn't a tedious process to make. Maybe now you can? Now you have another way you can add Paneer in your dish. This Paneer Masala Pulao is mouthwatering and delicious.

21. Fenugreek Veg Pulao

Moong Dal, Methi, and a few masalas are all you need to make this delicious Methi Pulao. Did you know one of the many benefits of Methi is that it can soothe an upset stomach and digestive problems? Better add this to your diet.

22. Rajma Masala Pulao

A wonderful twist to the classic, Rajma Chawal, this pulao recipe is Rajma and Rice combined together and turned into an even yummier version of the classic.

23. Chicken Kheema Pulao

A treat for all Non-Veg lovers, this is a quick and easy recipe that you can make right at home in just one pot.

These one-pot meals will reduce the kitchen hours that will give you time to do other things!

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