3 Ways To Make Your Breakfast Bowl Tasty & Healthy

3 Ways To Make Your Breakfast Bowl Tasty & Healthy

Thumbnail Oats akuri - Perzen 01 (1) Give your breakfast bowl of oats a fun spin. Photo: India Food Network

Breakfast for most of us 9 to 5ers seems like a task. Especially on days when you have to reach work early. And for mothers, cooking up a wholesome and fun breakfast has always been a challenge. If the kid is a fussy eater, then heavens save you!I

On days when the going gets tough, experiment with your bowl of oats to turn that breakfast experience into a fun-filled one. Luckily, you do not need fancy ingredients to give it a makeover. Stock your pantry with some of these interesting foods, and you'd never want to treat your kid to boring breakfasts or skip one ever!


Oats bhurji

Oats shujir payesh

Oats milkshake

Replace water with juice or milk: Looking for fuss-free breakfast options that do not take time to prepare? Choose overnight oats as it can be arranged the night before and eaten next morning in no time. The hack here is to make it interesting by adding a liquid, which could be regular milk, yoghurt or any fruit juice. Trust us, the absorbed oats impart a unique flavour.

Choose interesting toppings: It is here that you can go completely out of the box with your ideas. Choose cut seasonal fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, jams or preserves, or even almond butter as your topping for overnight oats. All you have to do is decide your choice of ingredients in the night to reduce the rush in the morning.

Season with spices, sweeteners: Give your bowl of oats some extra oomph by adding natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey or brown sugar. It not only makes for a good sugar substitute, but also lends some unique flavours. Season it with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or cardamom to take it a notch higher.

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