30+ Mango Dishes at a Restaurant Near You

30+ Mango Dishes at a Restaurant Near You

Mangoes can bring out the best and worst in you! Worst, because if you're hooked to mangoes, like us, you're on a permanent hunt for your next mango fix. We made things easier with this list of 32 restaurants in India that are giving you your dose of mango in exciting avatars! Bookmark this list of yummy mango dishes at restaurants near you and keep coming back for more.

April in India means soaring temperatures, summer vacations around the corner and the best of all - mango season! This pulpy King of Fruits, native to the subcontinent, is the only redeeming feature of India's unforgiving summer. No matter what your age or which part of the country you belong to, each of us has special memories attached with this juicy fruit which is available in countless varieties.

The season's first mango is a celebration in itself but for real mango lovers, just eating the fruit is not enough. As soon as mango season begins, restaurant and home kitchens across the country get busy making their signature mango preparations. Check out this list of restaurants offering unique mango preparations and Mango Maango!


1) Le 15 Cafe & Patisserie: Pooja Dhingra's love from Paris to India engulfed in all things sweet at Le 15 brings alive her mango menu. From Mango Cream Cake, Mango Cheesecake Macarons and the out-of-the-box Mango Pepper Tart, you can satisfy all your mango cravings right here!

2) Nara Thai: Recently opened in Colaba, Nara Thai finds the right season to entice the Indian crowds- the mango season! With the delicious Mango Sticky rice topped with condensed milk and fresh mangoes to Gai Phad Prik Kamit, a spicy stir-fried turmeric chicken with mango and bell peppers, they have a menu solely focusing on mangoes!

3) Mango Tree: What's Thai food without mangoes? Check out Mango Tree's Green Mango Salad with bird's eye chilli and toasted coconut, loaded with roasted peanut and red onion. Another must-try is the mango version of their signature sticky rice. Khoa Niew Mamuang is a mango sticky rice with portions of both black and white rice, topped with mango slices and tapioca pearls.

4) Farmer's Cafe: If a sweet tooth is your weakness then the range of mango desserts including cake, muffin, pudding and gluten-free mango pancake at Farmer's Cafe is your true calling.

5) Jamjar Diner: Chill mode on your mind? Jamjar Diner's Mango Jagerita with a hint of chilli is enough to spike up your evening. Complete the mangolicious night with their Fresh Mango and Chocolate Ganache French Toast.

6) The Culture House: Calling all the Aam Ras fans! If you're always unhappy with the limited Aam Ras on your plate, head to this restaurant near Girgaum Chowpatty. The Culture House is serving Aam Ras by the glass and pitcher. In addition, they are luring you with Mango Mojitos and their version of Pune's favourite Mango Mastani. At the chaat counter, you will find treats like Mango Bajra Bhel, Mango Pakwaan Puri Chaat and Mango Pani Puri. We bet you're salivating by now! That's not all. There is also Mango Rabadi Falooda, Mango Kheer, Mango Mousse and Mango Rasmalai. Talk about Mango Mania!

7) Yautcha: Mostly known for its duck, Yautcha has given mango their signature makeover as well. The season's gold mine at the BKC restaurant is the Tropical Dome made of mango and white chocolate. For meat lovers, there is Crispy Lamb with Raw Mango.

8) Soam: Many make annual trips to Soam for their Aam Ras Puri but also check out their Raw Mango and Carrot Salad and Mango Chia Seed Pudding. This eatery has a mango delight for each course so expect a mango-cellent afternoon.


1) Café Felix: Fanc-eh cravings getting the better of you? Head to Caféf Felix for Mango Avocado Toast, Mango Sorbet and Mango Tart to satiate your mango fantasies.

2) Khandani Rajdhani: There's a mango surprise hidden in each of the dishes at this restaurant found across the country. Check out unconventional mango food combinations like Hapus Jalebi. Their Mango Thali will have you dreaming mangoes for a week. It is loaded with Kacchha Aam Nu Muthiya, Rasila Aam Papad Samosa, Aam Potli Kachori, Jodhpuri Aam Dhokli, Aamras Khasta Kachori Chaat, Aamras Paalak Chaat and Kairi Bhakarwadi Chaat!

3) Bonsouth: Inspired by Andhra, Kerala and Chettinad cuisine, this culinary gem in Koramangala's bustling food scene is taking the mango season seriously. Bonsouth is serving Mango Fritters in appetisers, Malabar Manga Curry, Mango Kofta Curry in the main course and Steamed Raw Mango Fish for seafood lovers.

4) Smoor: Known for offering some of the best desserts in Bengaluru, this multi-outlet dessert bar is teasing us with mouth-watering mango desserts like Mango Cupcakes, Mango Truffles, Mango Macrons and Alphonso Sundae with Vanilla Ice Cream.

5) Brooks and Bonds Brewery: What's more tropical than a Mango Cocktail? Sip on a sophisticated Mango Cider at this eatery's rooftop bar in Koramangla to be teleported to mango heaven!

6) Soda Bottle Opener Wala: The mango special menu curated by Anahita Dhondy for Soda Bottle Opener Wala's outlets across the country take this season's Parsi mango mania to the next level. Try their Keri Nu Samosu, a mix of mangoes and ice cream pursed into a thin puff pastry and Keri-Kaanda Pareedu, a mixture of onion and ripe mango baked with eggs and served with pav. Also up for grabs are tropical cocktails like Mango and Peach Sangria and Mango Chilli Caprioska.

7) Monkey Bar: Chef Dheeraj Verma's concoctions for Monkey Bar outlets across the country showcase the ultimate novelty of food pairings. Check out their Mango Nachos, topped with fresh mango, bhut jolokia cream and loaded with raw mangoes and Mango Fish Curry.

8) MISU: If South East Asian flavours are on your mind and you're looking for mango-flavoured dim sums, sushi and nasi goreng, MISU is the place. Their Mango Sticky Rice is a must-try!


1) Cafe Paashh: Have you had a Burrata yet? If not, then head to this organic cafe in Kalyani Nagar in Pune for a Mango Burrata! A beautiful combination of mango and cardamom puree with a drizzle of Thai Chilli dressing with chunks of fresh mango, carrots and beetroots is nothing less than heaven on a plate!

2) The Urban Foundry:What's summers without Aamras puri? This eatery in Kalyani Nagar doesn't just stick to aamras, but also serves a luscious and rich mango cheesecake for dessert!

3) Pune Sugar Box: For mango lovers with a sweet tooth, Pune Sugar Box has an array of mango-nificient delights to offer. Pick from Fresh Mango Gateaux, Mango Raspberry Entremets, Mango Basil Tarts, Mango and Passion Fruit with Coconut Insert and Mango Wasabi Praline.

4) Rajdhani Thali: From mango starters to curries and chaats, this place answers all your mango questions! Sip on Paanch Phoron Kairi Panna as a welcome drink, gorge on Mango Khandvi, Cheesy Aam Pizza Dhokla and Aamras Khasta Kachori Chaat for appetisers. In the main course, Jodhpuri Mango Dal Dhokli, Chatpata Aam Ras, Aam ki Laungi, Marwari Lacchi Kairi Ki Biryani await you. For desserts, delve into Mango Jalebi Rabdi and Mango Basundi.

5) Yolkshire: Craving pancakes? Yolkshire's delicious Mango Pancakes will beat Monday blues in a jiffy! Also try their other mangolicious treat, Mango With Fresh Cream that comes with mango ice cream, dollops of fresh whipped cream on the side topped with generous a quantity of Alphonso chunks.

6) Spiceklub: To beat the Pune heat in mango style, check out Spicklub's unique Mango On The Rocks. Ice rocks featuring solidified mango pulp topped with mango slices.


1) Koshe Kosha: Is mango and chicken a match made in heaven? Find out at Koshe Kosha with their Aam Kasundi Chicken Cutlet which is chicken marinated in aam kasundi flavour, breaded and deep-fried.

2) Sienna Cafe: Bored of the same old mango cheesecake? Check out this cafe's deconsctructed version of it! You definitely don't want to skip their Mango and Cream Cheese Crumble Cake.


1) Tomato's Beachside Kitchen: Give your lazy afternoons in Goa a mango twist with their Shrimp Salad that comes loaded with crushed avocado, mango pulp and herb oil dressing.

2) Baba Au Rhum: Nothing speaks Goa more than a beach view accompanied by a Piña Colada to sip on to. Coco in Goa is a non-alcoholic version of this famous drink turned into a smoothie with mango, coconut milk, pineapple and yoghurt. Also rejuvenate yourself with their refreshing Mango Shakes this season.


1) Karma Kismet: Head to this Indian restaurant for their signature mango cocktail Kaliyuga which is chilli-infused vodka with green mango chutney, Tabasco, orange and ginger juice with a hint of honey.

2) Yum Yum Cha: No Japanese restaurant's menu is complete without an offering of Mochi ice creams! Mango Mochi Ice cream is the latest addition to Yum Yum Cha's menu this season. Another interesting seasonal treat on their menu that caught our eyes were the Smoked Mango Fun Bottles!

3) Burma Burma: Eating light but still want a dose of mango? Head to this restaurant and tea room for their raw mango salad Tayat Thi Thoke.

4) Pa Pa Ya: Most loved for its sushi, Pa Pa Ya outlets across the country give you another reason to fall in love with sushi. This mango seasoon, check out their Mango and Avocado Sushi.

5) Whipped: Love the classic New York Cheesecake but want to try it with a mango twist? Head to Whipped for the Mango New York Cheesecake their tropical version of the classic cheesecake.


1) Conçu: Heading out for a dessert drive thise mango season? Conçu's Mango Cheesecake and Mango Milkshake should be on the top of your list.

2) Haji Ali Fresh Fruit Juices: The Hyderabadi cousin of Mumbai's famous Haji Ali Juice Centre is one of the best places for seasonal fruit offerings and mango is no exception. When you dig into their Mango Ice Cream and Mango Falooda, you'll know why their mango treats are so exceptional.

3) Barbecue Nation: Out of all things barbecue at this restaurant found across India, the one mango treat that stands out is their Mango and Chilli Martini. Try it out to know why mango and chilli is one of the most devoured flavour combinations of all times.

4) Cream Stone: A good mango ice cream should take you to mango heaven and that's exactly what the mango ice creams from Corner Stone do! Try their Mango Alphonso Ice Cream which is topped with freshly diced mangoes.

5) Zero40 Brewing: If you're stepping out for drinks in the mango season, you have to indulge in some mango drinks. This brewery is changing the way you drink mango with their Mango Ale and Mango-based Beer.

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