30 Must-Visit Pizza Places Across India Before You Die

30 Must-Visit Pizza Places Across India Before You Die

Pizza is everything- from yummy to irresistible to 'no one can eat just one' type of a dish that also makes for a great comfort food. This World Pizza Day the very thought of Pizza is giving us mouth-watering feels and all we can imagine is cheese+crust+toppings which immediately brings an ear-to-ear smile on our glowing faces. Be it thin crust or regular, cheese burst or double cheese, full of favourite toppings or just a classic one, we all have our favourites.

Now, you stop salivating and put on your Pizza pants and head to these must-visit Pizza places across India before you die. We won't tell you which Pizza is the best because we're truly biased to the entire Pizza universe. And, if Pizza is eternal love and you haven't eaten at these places, then you haven't had the best!


1. Joey

Mumbaikars swear by Joey's so much so that there's a queue outside Joey's outlets even on weekdays! It's a must-visit Pizza place because their ooey-gooey, melty cheesy goodness has floored the locals like nothing else.

2. 1441 Pizzeria

Want a tase of your own Pizza concoctions? Then, 1441 Pizzeria is the must-visit Pizza place for you. If you're in mood for some fun activity, they'd also allow you to hand-roll your Pizza! How cool is that?

3. Pizza Express

Hardcore Italian in their palette, Pizza Express' wood-fired Pizzas are to die for! Treat yourself to amazing thin-crust Pizzas that come in all kinds of veggie and meaty goodness. Don't forget to order a portion of Pizza Dough Balls. You can thank us later.

4. Francesco's Pizzeria

When the Pizza base is good, it makes for a great Pizza and this place does just that. Looking for an authentic Pizza? Then Francesco's becomes one of the must-visit Pizza places in Mumbai.

5. Gustoso

If you're a true Pizza lover, you'd know Gustoso is the must-visit Pizza place because they just don't claim to be authentic in their taste but are genuinely following in the footsteps of the Italian way of making Pizzas.


1. Instapizza

Heard of deep-dish pizzas? Instapizza perfectly engulfs you into the cheesy, melty world of Pizzas which definitely is not for the faint-hearted. Even wafer thin-crust pizzas are a popular-selling item on their menu, so what are you waiting for?

2. Baking Bad

Don't you think when it comes to Pizzas, our appetites sky-rocket? Baking Bad serves Napoli thin Crust Pizzas which makes it a must-visit Pizza place in Delhi for all things crusty and cheesy.

3. NYC Pie

This place is known for its toppings and when the toppings are so delicious, it only elevates the Pizza experience to melt-in-the-mouth levels. If the thought of these toppings are making you hungry, know that you're a true Pizza Lover.

4. Fat Lulu's

Located in Saket, Vasant Kunj, DLF and many other locations, their pizzas are hand-rolled and wood-fired in a stone oven. Along with regular crust pizzas, they also offer thin crust and whole-wheat crust options, making it one of the must-visit Pizza places in Delhi.

5. Big Fat Pizza

Looking for the freshest and cheesiest Pizza place in Delhi? BFP is an ideal hangout joint to enjoy Pizzas where toppings are generously loaded and the cheese deep-dish is worth trying.


1. Toscano

Toscano's has been delighting people with their super-thin crusts and varieties of toppings. They never fail to impress regulars with their taste as they use high-quality ingredients. And, the ambience will definitely set you in the right mood for all things Italian.

2. Brik Oven

Heard of people worshipping Pizzas? If not, this place is vouched by fans because they do neither really thin nor thick crust which makes it perfect for their palettes. The tomato sauce is full of flavour and gives a nice burst of tangy explosion in the mouth, making for one of the must-visit Pizza places in Bangalore.

3. Onesta

Not too high on price and consistent in pizza flavourings, this place never ceases to amaze us. The Caramelised Onion and Mushroom Pizza is something we could vouch for along with their Cheese Stuffed Crust Margherita Pizza.

4. The Pizza Bakery

Located in Indiranagar, if you're looking for a great Pizza experience, this place makes sourdough crusted pizzas which makes it different from other pizza joints in the city.

5. Chianti

If you ever go to Chianti, Pizza should be the only reason. Being an Italian eatery, it doesn't disappoint you with other dishes too but Quattro Formaggi pizza with a red wine shouldn't be missed.


1. Pizeta Pizzeria

This Banjara Hills outlet serves a great variety of Pizza flavours and they do serve Pizza slices as well that is enough for one person. This outlet has elevated the on-th-go food concept in a way that keeps making you hungry for their pizzas. They also offer the best lamb pepperoni pizzas and pastas.

2. 10 Pounder

Is it safe to say that 10 pounder is 10/10 on our list? Yes, it is! Irresistible chunky meats and generous layer of veggies, both seemed to impress us to a level that we're converted from the regular pizza joints to this one.

3. Mamma Mia Italia

In the mood to pamper yourself with Pizzas? Mamma Mia Italia in Secunderabad is the place to be. The very first bite into their delectable pizzas will make you exclaim, Mamma Mia! And, that's why it becomes a must-visit Pizza place.

4. Brickwood

Having a bad day? Head to Brickwood as their delightful Pizza options will make you nothing less than happy. A perfect crust, perfect amount of cheese and heavenly varieties of toppings could put a smile on anyone's face.

5. Pepper Jack

Low on budget? Pepper Jack is the must-visit pizza place that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. With a wide range of pizzas and burgers to offer, if you're craving for pizzas, this is the spot you must hit.


1. Fire & Ice Pizzeria

In a gorgeous setting, digging into a lip-smacking pizza with a glass of wine is the perfect love affair one can have with Italy and Italian food. So, Fire & Ice makes for a must-visit Pizza place in Kolkata.

2. Fabbrica Della Pizza

This place serves hand-rolled pizzas like no other with exotic cheeses that aren't easily available. So, if you're in the mood for something luxurious, this place is it. And, they were also one of the first places in Kolkata who made Neapolitan Pizza famous. If you're a Pizza and a dessert lover, this place does a perfect Nutella Pizza with fresh strawberries too.

3. Serafina

Great ambience, super delicious pizzas and amazing crusts is what Serafina is all about. They do make you fall in love with pizzas all over again so it is definitely a must-visit Pizza place in Kolkata.

4. Brickwood

If you're fond of wood-fired pizzas, Brickwood makes thin, crispy slices of pizza that are totally drool-worthy. The Mushroom Truffle Pizza and Pollock di Brickwood pizzas are crowd pleasers here and while you're here do gorge on their pull-apart Cheesy Garlic Bread.

5. Raj Spanish Cafe

One of the most popular places in Kolkata that serves fresh-baked wood-fired pizza, they follow authentic Italian recipes which are taught to chefs at Raj Spanish Cafe by patrons of Italian cuisine. Do try the Funghi pizza and Pollo E Funghi if you're here.


1. RP's Pizzeria

Ever wondered where the Bahubali Pizza originated from? It was RP's Pizzeria! They offer humongous Pizzas in sizes- 18" and 25"! Would you ever try it? But, if you don't then you haven't tried it all so this should definitely be on your must-visit Pizza place list.

2. The Blue Oven

If you think Ahmedabad doesn't have good non-vegetarian options, think again. The wood-fired pizzas at The Blue Oven has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings that are a pure indulgence.

3. Fozzie's Pizzaiolo Cafe Deli

With best quality ingredients that are personally sourced and handpicked, you're spoilt for choice with the amount of Pizza variations this place offers. If you're firm believer of "moment of your lips and forever on your hips", this place has some delightful healthy options too.

4. Puffizza

Rightly named, this place offers a perfectly flaky light and buttery crust that it is absolutely divine in taste and you're sure to be craving for more. If you're looking for a normal pizza experience, opt for regular, thin, crispy thin or cheese crust and you won't be disappointed.

5. No Mad Baker

If you are looking for insanely innovative non-vegetarian pizzas, no one does it better than No Mad Baker. Even their vegetarian pizzas don't let you down; one of them being their Aloha Pizza (don't kill us for suggesting.)

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