5 Bakers On Instagram Who Will Inspire You To Make Bread

5 Bakers On Instagram Who Will Inspire You To Make Bread

Optimized-rachthebaker(1) Buttery beauties by Rachel Andrade.

Whether you are an amateur baker or just love to look at those beautiful crumbs of freshly-baked bread, here are five artisan bread bakers on Instagram that you absolutely must follow.

Rachelle Andrade @rachthebaker

The head baker at Magazine Street Bread Co. is the reason behind those beautiful breads that you eat at The Table in Colaba. Her breads are all about local flours and ingredients and we are in absolute awe. Take our suggestion; just go to her Instagram timeline and watch.

Sujit Sumitran @sujitsumitran

Leadership coach by profession, Sumitran is an ardent baker. He lives in Goa and has built himself a wood-fired oven, wow! His Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous sourdough breads and he doesn’t mind showing off jars of his sourdough starter. If you’re in love with those perfect crusts, there’s good news, Sumitran also conducts bread-baking workshops.

“Human beings do not eat nutrients, they eat food”. - Mary Catherine Bateson 4 of 4. Bread has meant so much for to me than just good food - it’s been more about forging of new ties and being connected with people despite not meeting them in person. And expanding my personal ethical mafia network. ? A couple of days ago, fellow breadhead Samruddhi, sent me 2 bags of Unbleached Flour from a miller in Hoskote, Karnataka. And I played with a 50% Whole Wheat Loaf. I expected the crumb to be a lot more open, but then, the ‘Bread Flour’ only had 9.75% protein - so it’s not really surprising. Loved the flavour - it has an earthy and nutty note to it with the trademark crackling crust and moist, chewy crumb. Lot of experimenting required in the next few days to test the new flours. Thankfully, it’s all play! How much of play do you include in your week? ? Details: Levain: 1:1:1 Californian Gold Rush Liquid Starter: Water: 50% Whole Wheat & 50% Unbleached Bread Flour Dough: 14.4% Californian Gold Rush levain. 50% Ancient grain - Emmer. 50% Unbleached Bread Flour. 86.4% Hydration. 3 1/2 hour ferment @ RT and 10 hour cold proof @ 3C. Baked in a cast iron Dutch Oven. Thank you @maurizio for the inspiration. #ArtisanBread #AllNatural #BetterThanGood #bread #CalifornianGoldRush #brittona #breadporn #delish #fermentedfood #foodgasm #goodfood #GlutenForGluttons #goa #homebaker #liquidlevain #MadeInGoa #NoCommercialYeast #slowfood #OverNightProof #SujitSumitranSourdough #wildyeast #wholewheat #YellowSubmarineGoodFood

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Saee Koranne-Khandekar @skoranne

We have been swearing by Saee’s recipes for a while now, and her book Crumbs – Bread Stories and Recipes for the Indian Kitchen will soon become the Bible for amateur bakers in India. Apart from the pictures of her adorable children – a daughter and twin sons – the Mumbai-based baker, blogger and author posts pictures of the lovely breads she bakes. Whether it’s whole wheat+maida loaf or a soft crumb bread with walnuts and cacao nibs, we’re in love with everything that comes out of Saee’s oven.

Reshmy Kurian @bombaychowparty

Her bread-baking workshops in Mumbai have been a hit for a while now. Kurian’s repertoire ranges from simple loaves to pull-aparts and buttery croissants. At times, you’ll find her pairing these breads with lovely Indian curries.

I've got to stop baking these already. #breadbaking #soft #love

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Megha Deokule @acefoodie

Bangalore-based Deokule’s timeline is all about healthy and organic eating. Looking at her sourdough breads - topped with avocado, eggs and almond butter – we want to invite ourselves over to her house for breakfast. We hope she is reading this! ;)

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