5 Cafes To Enjoy Your Evenings In Mumbai

5 Cafes To Enjoy Your Evenings In Mumbai

Quick Snacks Evening Tea Evening Snacks Evening Coffee/Snacks Prithvi Cafe by night. Photo: Prithvi Theatre

Mumbai is kind with its cafes. Once the sun sets on the Arabian Sea and you can feel the breeze on your face, it only makes sense to hit one of the city’s many cafes for light bites accompanied by your favourite cuppa. Check out some of these cafes, which we have handpicked for you to drop by on days when you simply want to unwind or catch up with a buddy. Take a book or your dog, the choice is yours.

Chaayos @ Lower Parel, Juhu, Powai

When the Delhi-based joint launched in Mumbai, we were more than happy to have our own chai adda. Drop by at Chaayos for the adrak or kulhad chai or maybe the more sophisticated Darjeeling tea. If you’re accompanying someone who prefers coffee to tea, order a filter kaapi for him/ her. From bun bhujiyas and oatmeal cookies to kheema pav and chicken sandwiches, munch on a great variety of snacks too.

Evening Coffee/Snacks Quick Snacks Evening Tea Evening Snacks Quick Snacks Light Snacks Pair your kulhad chai with bun maska at Chaayos. Photo via facebook.

Leaping Windows @ Versova

This cosy café in Versova is known for its library that stocks comics for everyone. On the ground floor, sit down for light munchies like roasted vegetable tarts, grilled chicken sliders and a variety of sandwiches and burgers. If your friend is not on time, climb to the upper floor and squat on the floor with a Tintin or Asterix.

Gostana @ Khar

A small comfy place with fun décor, free Wi-Fi and good music…oh and did we tell you about Zizou? Gostana serves a range of gourmet burgers made with multigrain bread, small bites like hummus, steamed chicken nuggets and hot dogs among others. Order for the lemon iced tea or the house lemonade for company. Smother Zizou if you like.

Evening Coffee/Snacks Quick Snacks Evening Tea Evening Snacks Quick Snacks Light Snacks Gostana's burgers are a must try. Photo via Facebook

Tea Pot Café @ Fort

A cute little café with colourful tea pots and a vintage feel sum up the vibe at Tea Pot Café. Pick the waffles, subways or rolls, pancakes or simply go for a soup if you’re still feeling full from lunch. Pick up one of the board games to kill time (quite unlikely in this city) or plonk yourself on one of the many chairs with the day's newspaper.

Prithvi Café @ Juhu

An open air café is rare in a city otherwise known for jostling for space. So when the place lights up with colourful lamp shades, it turns into a friendly café with a casual vibe. Friends meet and lovers catch up over endless cups of cutting chai, Suleimani chai or the Irish coffee, which we are told is to die for. Egg and chicken rolls, chicken cutlets, pav bhaji, stuffed parathas are some of the things to try from their menu. Carry a book if you are visiting alone.

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