5 Easy Holi Recipes That You Must Try This Time Around

5 Easy Holi Recipes That You Must Try This Time Around

Yes! This is that time of the year again, and all you can think of is how to make some easy Holi recipes. We're here with some ideas that'll make your Holi sweeter, colourful and delicious. Although Holi is a festival of colours, no Indian festival is complete without bingeing on sweet treats, lovingly prepared at home. So, this time bring on the festivities by treating yourselves to specialities made from our kitchen to yours. Say bye to "too much effort" kind of festive preparations and hello to some "Easy Holi Recipes".

Pista-Badam Thandai

This Thandai is an easy Holi recipe by our home chef, Archana Arte. She infuses the milk with the richness of almonds, pistachios and varied spices, making for a refreshing drink to welcome this festival. Thandai in all forms is a good way to start and end Holi, but if you're in a mood to experiment, scroll down.


Thandai Macarons

Looking for easy Holi recipes? These cute rainbow coloured macarons won't disappoint you. An amalgamation of French and Indian cuisine, these macarons allow you to stir away from the usual mithai category. It's a perfect way to celebrate Holi as they're Thandai flavoured, staying true to the flavour of the festival.


Vermicelli Payasam

Bored of eating kheer? This vermicelli Payasam from down South is something you'd categorize in easy Holi recipes. This milk concoction promises to elevate your Holi experience with the warmth of flavours that'll linger on your taste buds.



Or sweetly called, sweet rice, this Sindhi delicacy makes for one of the easy Holi recipes that you can devour without putting in much effort. Flavoured with saffron and garnished with dry fruits, it's one of the richest, tastiest and dishes you'd come across.



Remember the moment when you looked at kalakand through the glass at your local mithai shop during your childhood? And, hoped your mother would make it for you someday but never asked because it was just too much work for her. Here's the occasion you can gorge on this sweet dish as this is one of the easy Holi recipes that you're going to love and make more often than you thought. So, make it at home and stock up so that you can keep some for later too.


We're so excited for you to try these easy Holi recipes as they are an absolute delight to make and taste more heavenly than you could imagine.

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

Think of her as a delicacy. She could be a red sauce penne pasta or refreshing strawberry smoothie. A little sweet, quite tangy and unapologetic on the palate. Her soul is that of a gastronome, mind of an illustrator and heart of a writer. She uses these ingredients to plate up tasty stories about food at India Food Network as an Associate Editor. Be it her blogs, articles, reviews or food shows; she promises a wholesome affair.

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