Video: Easy peasy appetisers to floor your guests

Video: Easy peasy appetisers to floor your guests

image Prepare some quick appetisers for your party guests.

Delicious appetisers are like a ‘cherry on the cake’ at a party! India Food Network brings to you 5 appetisers and their recipes that can be prepared in no time. Get your party started with these simple, yet popular appetisers. Minimum fuss, maximum impact!

Paneer lasooni

Paneer lasooni is a perfect starter especially when you have vegetarian guests. Paneer coated with roasted papad and flavoured with garlic, this is one easy-to-make appetiser.

Cheese and jalapeno samosas

Cheese and jalapeno samosas or triangles are made with fresh cheese, smoked bell peppers, jalapeno and sriracha sauce. Try it for your next house party!

Sweet potato pops

Sweet potato pops that are inspired with Thai spices! They look like chicken drumsticks, but are potatoes on a stick.

Hara Bhara Kabab

Hara Bhara Kabab is an all-time favourite vegetarian appetiser. A guaranteed hit for sure!

Shrimp cutlets

Shrimp cutlet is also known as Jevlyache Vade, and is a unique starter to add in your party menu.

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