5 Food Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep In 2016

5 Food Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep In 2016

Eat fresh, local and seasonal in 2016 Eat fresh, local and seasonal in 2016. Photo: Dreamstime

It’s that time of the year again when most of us go about making resolutions. Joining a gym, eating healthy, learning to drive or swim—you get the drift. Resolutions that we invariably give up within the first few months of the year. How about making 2016 different by setting realistic goals? If food is your first love, then these resolutions should be on your agenda. From eating fresh and seasonal to celebrating Indian food, here's to a brand new start.

Make homemade your food mantra: 2015 was a year that gave home cooks their due. ‘Homemade’ became a buzz word, and we got hooked to eating dishes that were once integral to our childhood. While online food delivery services cashed in on freshly-cooked meals by homemakers, food fests gave us a chance to enjoy homely goodies like jams and pickles. The nostalgia and familiarity won us over for sure. So if eating fresh and healthy excites you, then homemade food should be your thing in 2016. Nothing can beat ghar ka khana you see.

Explore food on your travels: If ‘will travel for food’ is your motto, then make it happen in 2016. It’s the best way to discover new cuisines and destinations alike. We say go on a food trail, eat with the locals or sign up for a cooking class on your next trip. Or, how about planning a trip simply to understand the food culture and tradition of a particular city or country? You will never look at travel the same way.

Get cooking at home: Eating out is fun, but cooking at home can be therapeutic. In 2016, make some time and effort to get experimental in the kitchen. Be it baking, cooking recipes from a cookbook or simple traditional meals, nothing can beat the joy of preparing something from scratch in the comfort of your own home. Get help if you do not enjoy chopping and cleaning, and invest your energy in the real deal.

Check out India Food Network for a variety of simple, quick and delicious recipes here.

Make the best of seasonal ingredients: There was a time when winter meant markets overflowing with fresh vegetables like cauliflower, carrots and green peas, dishes like gajar ka halwa, and occasionally sarson da saag if you had a Punjabi friend or neighbour. Winter may be a rare thing in cities like Mumbai, but there’s still time to make the best of the seasonal produce. Eat what’s in season, and cook up recipes that once your mother prepared during a specific time of the year.

Celebrate regional Indian food: 2015 saw several restaurants offering India-inspired dishes in our metropolises. Regional food became the hottest new cuisine, and we were not complaining. The trend is picking up, and this year may see the launch of newer concepts celebrating regional food. The time has come to celebrate the diversity of Indian food, and the uniqueness that our states have to offer in terms of ingredients, flavours and of course, culture.

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