5 Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

5 Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

Now that everyone is talking about boosting up the immune system, let's face it, there are foods that decrease your immunity. Of course, there are no studies that point out foods that can prevent coronavirus. But, surely there are certain foods that can lower your immune system, causing greater affinity towards the disease. And, most of those food items are really close to our hearts too. So, here are some food items we should avoid eating during the lockdown.

1. Soda

Aerated drinks have always been a no-no when you have a cold, cough or just feeling low on energy. They might bring relief for a few minutes but in the long run, they prove to be damaging. And, let's not even get started with the amounts of sugar one can of soda has! Since summers are here, it's important to hydrate yourself. Opt for substitutes like Nimbu Pani, Coconut water, Watermelon Lemonade etc.

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2. Red Meats

The lockdown has led to most of us staying indoors and having very little physical activity to do. And, consuming red meats during this time could only add to nausea & digestive issues. Being high on fat content, it could weaken your immune system. Red meats include pork, ham, lamb & beef. If you're a hardcore non-vegetarian, choose white meats as a substitution until this crisis is over.

3. Alcohol

Everything in moderation is good. A glass of wine or a peg of your favourite scotch every once in two days is a good measure in days like these. In technical terms, consuming excess alcohol could lead to a disruption in the gut barrier. It could dangerously create a path for bacteria to pass into the blood, thus weakening the immune system.

4. Refined Sugar

Avoiding refined sugar in your desserts is a wise way to deal with stress-eating during the lockdown situation. Excess sugar consumption could lead to inflammation in the body which inadvertently leads to a decrease in immunity. At this time, sugary indulgences can only momentarily keep you satisfied, but it could affect your mental health in the long run. You could substitute refined sugar with organic sugars, coconut sugar, jaggery powder or brown sugar.

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5. Fried Food

It's no-brainer with this one! Oily, greasy foods are a favourite during snack time but avoiding deep-fried foods is a must. Salt & oil are a lethal combination that not only hampers your immune system but also causes lethargy. Limiting your consumption of packaged chips, cornflakes & biscuits could reduce your oil intake by 60%. Oily food is generally very high in fat content, which takes longer to digest, leading to acid reflux & vomiting too.

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