5 Healthy Recipes That Can Help You Snack Better

5 Healthy Recipes That Can Help You Snack Better

Forget breakfast, lunch and dinner. Let's talk about snacking! It's become a thing, in fact, it is a huge problem. And, it all depends on the mood you're in too. When it comes to snacking, you'd prefer something tasty, spicy and that can satisfy your midday or midnight cravings. Eating healthy and clean is not constrained to main meals only but also has trickled down to snacks. With too many preservatives and fried snacking options available in the market, life has gotten harder for those watching their calories. So, here are healthy recipes that can help you snack better and leave you guilt-free from breakfast to dinner.

1.) Ragi Malt

If you're looking for a wholesome recipe, this is it! With protein packed ragi flour, clarified butter or ghee, nuts and milk, it one of the healthy recipes that need to be given more attention in 2019.

2.) Protein Bars

This recipe is the best way to incorporate nuts in your diet. It is not only the best but also one of the clever ways to satisfy one's sweet yet need-for-yummy cravings.

3.) Moon Dal Idlis

4.) Sweet Potato Chaat

We Indians love our chaats and there's absolutely no way we compromise with the quality of it. Basically, we take our chaats seriously. And, trust us, this recipe is not going to let you down although it's not the classic one.

5.) Sweet corn Chaat

It is one of those healthy recipes that's made with corn kernels, tossed in a South Indian tadka and sprinkled with a Chinese masala. So, the twist in taste makes it all the more

So, when you're hungry between meals or have a snack craving, here are some go-to healthy recipes that can brighten up your day. So, Happy Snacking!

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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