5 Healthy Snacks To Munch On During The Quarantine Period

5 Healthy Snacks To Munch On During The Quarantine Period

If you are someone like us then you too are waiting for this pandemic to end. As we all wait for normalcy to return to our lives we cannot get over the most important aspect of life, Food! It seems that now more than ever that we're always hungry! Those in-between meal cravings have only increased. So, we think it is important to snack healthy while stuck at home and working. Plenty of water, some physical exercise and eating healthy is what will help us maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body during this Quarantine. So here are a few snacks that you can indulge in as they're still available in stores. These snacks are also extremely easy to make at home too and last longer in the pantry.

1. Popcorn

So easy to make in microwave or even on a stove-top in a pressure cooker or a regular cooking pot, popcorn is the ultimate binging snack. Be it while working from home during quarantine lockdown or with a glass of wine while watching Netflix, it is one of our go-to healthy snacks. Popcorn when air-popped is high in fibre and healthy for people that suffer from heart disease and diabetes. The best part is that a 3 cup serving of popcorn is only about 100 calories.

2. Khakra

It is a good old desi snack! You don’t have to be a Gujarati to appreciate a good yummy whole wheat khakra. Easy to digest and super tasty, this snack is easily available and easy to even make at home if you are feeling adventurous. Khakra is perfect to munch on during the afternoons and goes beautifully when paired with some hummus or any other dip. Since Khakra is whole wheat it is healthy and low on calories. In fact, many people eat this low-calorie snack as a breakfast item.

3. Peanut and jaggery Chikki

Chikki used to be a hill station snack that we would get while on a road trip or a train journey while passing Lonavala. A complete crowd pleaser this snack is kid-friendly and nutritious. Since Chikki has peanuts and Jaggery, it’s rich in anti-oxidants and has essential amino acids which are good for you. So, let the kids munch on some Peanut Chikki as it is good for them and better than any other candy available in the market. Peanut Chikki is definitely one of those healthy snacks that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups and is definitely a good way to fill your stomach.

4. Masala chana

Roasted Bengal gram is the ultimate munching healthy snacks for someone who loves namkeen. Flavour it with any spice or masala and you can have bowls of them. Roasted Bengal gram is known to be good for you. This snack not only is rich in protein but is also high on zinc, iron and magnesium. So, if you are confused as to what to grab as a quick snack before your meals or if you are stuck on a call during this quarantine roasted snacks can be your saviour.

5. Makhana

The new snacking favourite in the market in India is Makhanas, that are also known as fox nuts. With not many flavours available right now in the market, you can still pick up a plain packet of Makhanas, roast & flavour them at home! If you want to binge on some snack guilt-free during the quarantine it’s this one. Makhana if lightly toasted is good for weight management and helps you to lose weight. What more can you ask for! A snack that helps you lose weight.


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