5 Indian Breakfasts To Make Under 15 Minutes

5 Indian Breakfasts To Make Under 15 Minutes

indian food south indian recipe easy recipe quick recipe food breakfast Upma makes for a nutritious breakfast. Photo: India Food Network

For all those days when the clock is a ticking time bomb constantly reminding you how late you are for work, breakfast takes a back seat. And in the rush of the hour, a fruit is the only saviour. But a quick meal is not very difficult to whip up and here are 5 desi dishes to prove it.


This Maharashtrian favourite is found in most food stalls across the city, especially at the train stations where passers-by pick it up and rush to work. However, did you know this is pretty easy to make at home too? Just mix the flattened rice with a few basic spices, add onions, potatoes and a few nuts. This barely takes any time to make and keeps you full enough to power through till lunch time.

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Even though this semolina breakfast dish doesn’t have many fans, it is quite versatile. Make it plain or add veggies to it along with a few spices and it makes for the perfect nutritious breakfast to start your day with while sipping on some garam chai.

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Sabudana Khichdi

Another local breakfast favourite, this soaked pearl tapioca dish is the best for a breakfast dabba to work. Loaded with potatoes, peanuts and chilli, sabudana khichdi is a quick fix for every time there is a time crunch and a growling tummy.

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Idli Fry

On the rare occasions that there are left over idlis at home, tossing them to make a quick idli fry doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Adding basic ingredients like onions, tomatoes and spices to the humble idli can make it into a whole different dish altogether. Plus it makes for a tasty breakfast treat.

Besan Ka Chilla

Apart from making pakoras, besan or chickpea flour can be used to make chillas. Just by mixing a few veggies and masalas with the besan and pouring it on like a pancake results in this healthy brekkie that is enough to keep you going through the day. Oh, and don’t forget the chutneys with this.

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