5-Ingredient Recipes To Try This Gudi Padwa

5-Ingredient Recipes To Try This Gudi Padwa

This is a difficult time for all of us but celebrating Gudi Padwa & Ugadi in a minimalistic way is the least we can do to uplift our moods. Food can bring happiness & joy to us and that's exactly what we're going to do from the comforts of our homes, with whatever ingredients we have. Sometimes, the most complicated dishes can be tastefully made with lesser ingredients. So, this year, let's celebrate these traditional Gudi Padwa recipes in the form of simplistic sweets & goodies!

1. Puranpoli

Is a Maharashtrian festival ever complete without some sweet gur-filled Puranpoli? We don't think so. And however elaborate that this recipe sounds, we're going to give it our 5-ingredient touch without compromising on it's taste!


150 gms Chana Dal

200 gms Jaggery/Sugar

Pinch of nutmeg & cardamom powder

90 gms Ghee

For Dough:

200 gms Maida Flour

1-2 tbsp Ghee

How to make Puranpoli:

For the filling: Wash & boil the chana dal. Once done grind it into a coarse mixture.

To a pan, add the chana dal mixture, add gur/sugar & nutmeg cardamom powder.

For the dough: Mix maida, water and ghee to make a dough.

Now divide the dough into 8 equal parts & stuff each one with the filling and roll it out.

Cook the Puranpoli on the tawa & add ghee as required.

Ready to serve.

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2. Kesari Bhaat

Ugadi is celebrated in Karnataka at the same time Gudi Padwa is celebrated in Maharashtra. One thing that they have common is this Kesari Bhaat Recipe. Down South, its made with rava or sooji & in Maharashtra it's made with rice. You can also flavour it with any seasonal fruit like pineapple & mango but here's the classic kesari bhaat recipe.


200 gms Rava/ Basmati Rice

120 gms Sugar

4-5 strands Kesar/Saffron

Pinch of Cardamom

2 tbsp Ghee

5-6 Cashews (optional)

How To Make Kesari Bhaat:

In a pan, add ½ cup rava or semolina. Dry roast the rava. In case of rice, soak it for 2-3 hours before cooking time. Roast it in ghee until it changes colour.

In another pan, add ghee & pan fry the cashews. Remove the cashews and add rava to the same ghee.

Meanwhile make sugar syrup with sugar, water & saffron strands.

Once the rava is par-cooked, add the saffron sugar syrup and keep stirring until it come together.

Keep stirring to avoid lumps.

Now add the rest of the ghee & cardamom powder. Mix. Cover it with a lid. Add cashews as garnish.

Ready to serve.

3. Shrikhand

With so many variations to this delicacy, its always a pleasure to go back to the traditional one on a festival like Gudi Padwa. Not utterly sweet, this homemade dessert is sure to uplift your mood during these difficult times. The best part about a shrikhand is that you can add any flavour of your choice to it but it'll still hold its flavour profile & won't disappoint at all.


1/2 Kg Chakka (Hung Curd)

1/2 Kg Powdered Sugar

1 tsp Cardamom Powder

Dry Fruits for Garnishing

Fresh mango pulp / pineapple / gulkand for flavouring (optional)

How To Make Shrikhand:

Wrap the curd in a muslin cloth and hang it overnight to let the water drain out. Your chakka is ready!

In a bowl, add the chakka and powdered sugar.

Mix everything well so that there are no lumps.

Add cardamom powder and again mix well.

Garnish it with dry fruits.

Ready to serve!

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4. Sabudana Vada

These crispy tapioca pearl balls are perfect to make your Gudi Padwa snack time a happy one! There's nothing better than Sabudana Khichdi for most of us during our fasting days, but making these vadas for Gudi Padwa is a tradition in many Maharashtrian households. Here's how you can make it with 5 ingredients only!


200 gms sabudana, soaked overnight in 1 cup water

2 potatoes

50 gms crushed peanuts

handful of chopped coriander

1-2 green chilies

1 tsp salt

How to make Sabudana Vada:

Soak sabudana overnight. Drain excess water the next morning.

In a bowl, add sabudana, boiled potatoes, crushed peanuts, coriander & chillies.

Add salt. Bring it all together to form a dough-like consistency.

Make small roundels & press to flatten them.

Heat oil for frying and one by one drop them in the pool of oil.

Fry them until golden-brown & crispy on the outside.

Ready to serve!

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5. Batasha

Although a pan-India dish, this recipe is often made as an offering to God on the day of Gudi Padwa. It is also a very kid-friendly recipe. Here's how: After you've made the mixture & it's cooled to a certain extent. grab some silicone moulds, undersupervised care, allow yur child to pour it in moulds & let it set. To make them colourful, you could also divide the batch in 3 and add food colouring of your choice. Here's how to make them at home.


250 gms Sugar

75 ml Water

How To Make Batasha:

Keep a pan on the gas and add sugar and water before turning the gas on.

Once the ingredients are added turn on the gas and cook on a large flame.

Keep stirring till the mixture looks like a thick paste.

Scoop out the paste on a sheet or plate

Let it cool for 5 mins.

Ready to serve!

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