5-Ingredients Recipes That Are Absolutely Worth Trying

5-Ingredients Recipes That Are Absolutely Worth Trying

It's already been 4 months into lockdown and we've sort of come closer to everything in our kitchens. From learning basic dishes like dal chawal and unlearning the 'normal' lifestyle routine of life to become self-dependant, we've done it all. Especially when it comes to eating habits, we've adapted and learnt to make the most with minimum ingredients. Simple, tasty and easy-to-make are the three words associated with these 5-ingredients recipes. You can easily find them in your kitchens and make yummy dishes with no fuss at all. Here's a list of recipes you must try if you have these basic ingredients at home.

1. Street Style Egg Fried Rice

Oh, how we miss street food. While we can't go out and have Egg Fried Rice, bring it home with this instant recipe. So easy to make, this dish will make you forget the street-style food that you've been longing for all this while.

2. Aloo Tikki

Did you know this delicious snack can only be made with 5-ingredients? Serve it alongside your favourite sauce or ketchup and it becomes a go-to dish when you're craving for something fried during monsoons. Also, you could top it up with some chole, dahi, sev and chutney and convert it into the street-style Aloo Tikki chaat.

3. Palak Soup

If you're health-conscious and still can't betray your taste buds then this recipe is your best friend. This immunity-boosting recipe is light on your stomach and mind. Palak has a lot of benefits and Popeye ate it for a reason, right?

4. Street Style Chana Chaat

Imagine: It's evening and you've decided to have a snack with a couple of drinks. You're thinking what can make this evening better? It has to have the right amount of salt and tanginess to compliment your drink. This 5-ingredients street style channa chaat recipe is the yummy answer you're looking for. Trust us, this dish is going to add a little spice in your life.

5. Paneer Chilli

If you thought that making Chilli Paneer is a complicated task, then you're mistaken. Now bring the restaurant-style Chilli Paneer at home, with just 5-ingredients. All you need is the hero ingredient- Paneer, some sauces and spices and there you have it, a yummy bowl of Paneer Chilli!

6. Schezwan Rice

Oh, how we miss eating Indo- Chinese food at restaurants. Are you wondering if you can make it at home? Well, well, well, we're here to the rescue. This recipe of Schezwan rice is a simple 5-ingredients recipe. If you don't have Schezwan sauce, you can make it by adding garlic, ginger, chillies, ketchup, vinegar and sugar. Voila, enjoy!

7. Poha Chivda

Your late-night munchies and snack time has been taken care of. This recipe is an authentic Maharashtrian Chivda recipe that's made of Poha and is quite easy to make without having to use too many utensils too! Move on from international munchies and indulge in some desi yet healthy snacks.

These 5-ingredients recipes will make your life easier, making dinner and lunch meals much tastier. Hope you have fun making it as much as you'll have while eating it.

Sakshi Chaturvedi

Sakshi Chaturvedi

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