5 Lockdown Activities That You Can Do To Keep Sane (Other Than Netflix)

5 Lockdown Activities That You Can Do To Keep Sane (Other Than Netflix)

Everyone’s favourite pastime during this Lockdown seems to be Netflix. However, if you feel like you have had enough of screen time, then you're probably reading this article. There are a lot of things you can do that will yield your productivity. This lockdown has been difficult for most of us but it can be a beautiful opportunity for you to do some activities that you have been wanting to do for a while now.

1. Finally read that book you've have been planning to.

We all have that one book that we have been putting away because we didn't have the time. We carry it on most of our flights and still, somehow we've not yet finished it. However, now that you are stuck in lockdown it is finally a good time to take that book up and read. Ikigai is a book that we recommend you to read and that part where the author talks about food is the one that we're really loving right now.

2. Learn a survival skill.

Be it cooking or painting, if it’s a skill then there is a YouTube tutorial for it. The internet unravels itself as a boon for you learn amazing survival lockdown activities like cooking, cleaning & self-care. Now more than ever, it has been proven that skills like cooking aren’t a gender role but a survival skill that all must learn. If you don’t wish to stare at the screen during this lockdown period then maybe you can take a cookbook and learn from that. This lockdown is also an excellent time to call up your moms and grandmothers and have them share traditional family recipes that you've grown up eating & love so much.

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3. Reorganize your kitchen space.

For some of us that have no help, there is no option but to clean and organize the living space on our own during the lockdown. But, this can be turned onto a therapeutic activity. Taking inspiration from Maire kondo's book, this could be a fantastic time to rearrange/reorganize your pantry. It will give you an idea of what you have and what you don’t need to hoard at the same time. It will make sure that the products and food ingredients you have are safe to eat and kept in proper designated places. Now that this lockdown has made us rethink our relationship with our kitchens, its time to set our kitchen vibe straight. This may also encourage you to spend more time in the kitchen.

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4. Take up a challenge.

Be it a fitness challenge or just deciding to do 5 Surya Namaskars every day. Take up an activity that will help you unwind mentally and also physically push you to be fit. We recommend Rujuta Diwekars 12-week fitness project as a good book to read and also a good way to start this decade off. The lockdown has definitely dampened our plans and our schedules but let it not affect our health and dampen our spirits. Projects like the 12-week fitness project have a more holistic approach to health and fitness and that is exactly what we all need to focus on during this lockdown.

5. Garden your way through the lockdown.

There are ample blogs, communities on Facebook and Instagram and channels on YouTube that teach you how to grow and maintain a kitchen garden. During this time of food storage and the uncertain times that the lockdown has brought along, now is the time to indulge in growing some greens. Not only do they beautify the living space but they spread positivity too. From watering plants daily to being able to grow your own herbs, the experience of growing something and taking care of it can be calming during this lockdown. Kitchen gardening or balcony gardening is an absolute delight and growing plants like curry leaves or chillies are extremely easy and very satisfying.

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