5 Places To Shop In Mumbai If You Love Crockery

5 Places To Shop In Mumbai If You Love Crockery

Props! What are props? Are we talking about crockery & cutlery? Yes, it's the same thing when we're talking about food. For those who love Instagram as a platform exactly know what I'm talking about. These cute little things can brighten up the frame (photoshoot) like a shooting star in the dark universe. Apart from the regular stores like Home Centre & Westside Home, there are a lot of places/stores you could find amazing crockery at. If you're obsessed about maintaining your Instagram grid or want to pursue a career in the food space, you've come to the right place. And, you're also planning looking to make a living out of food styling or do it just because you're passionate about photography, here are some leads for you!

1. Freedom Tree

Imagine a splash of colour on a plate; Freedom Tree is indeed the best option if you're looking for colourful crockery. Be it for food photo shoots or ways to impress your guests, adding a touch of colour is always a good idea. You might ask, whether it is even worth your investment? Yes it is.

2. Chumbak

Known for it's kitsch design style, Chumbak is one of the most sought after stores for everything quirky. You might associate the brand with all things clothes, bags, shoes etc but here the crockery & cutlery are too hard to miss too. If you're looking for vibrant colours with beautiful prints, this place is it. It has multiple stores around Mumbai, drop in at any store & you'll definitely find something that catches your eye.

3. Prop Shop 24

If cute, pastel colours is your vibe, you gotta join the prop shop tribe! They have some amazing crockery that are so pleasing to the eye that it not only looks aesthetic for photography but even look impressive when guests come over. From kawaii (Japanese word for cute) forks & knives to fancy Champagne glasses, you'll find everything here. It is an online portal so make sure you place your order well in advance.

4. Mitty Pottery Studio

Fancy all things earthen & rustic when it comes to crockery? Mitty Pottery Studio in Versova is where you can stock up on all things 'goals for your kitchen'. If you're interested in the process of making these cutlery items, they do organise workshops too every now and then.

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5. Madras Prop shop

Be it styling for any kind of photoshoot or personal Instagram page, this online portal has everything! From backdrops to pots & pans, this place is a heaven for food enthusiasts who are obsessed with their feed.

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