5 quick lunchbox ideas for the busy 9 to 5er

5 quick lunchbox ideas for the busy 9 to 5er


If there is anything that seems nerve-wracking after a long day at work, is to decide what to pack for lunch the next day. But when you’ve only 24 hours a day to cook, clean and rush off to meet deadlines, you got to rely on something that is quick and easy to make. And because nothing beats a homemade meal, we are not giving up yet. With most Indian couples today battling out full-time jobs, we have some simple lunchbox ideas to help you breeze through your time in the kitchen. They are convenient to carry as well as delicious!

Chapati roll


Leftover chapati

Bhaaji (or chicken)

When British babus in Kolkata refused to eat kebabs using hands, it left the cooks in a fix. To solve the problem, they started serving parathas wrapped with spicy chicken morsels. Chicken roll was thus born and became an instant hit. So on days when you have leftover chapatis from last night, carry a veg/ chicken roll for lunch. All you have to do is make a simple bhaaji or stir fry some chicken to use as filling.

TIP: Choose a filling that is typically dry in texture because you wouldn’t want it messy at work.

Indian salads


Legumes of your choice (chickpea, brown chana, green sprouts etc)

Onions, cucumber, tomatoes, coriander leaves, lime juice

Chaat masala

Indian salads are an excellent lunch option for those who prefer to eat healthy. Boiling the legume previous night saves a lot of time for all you need to do in the morning is add some fresh vegetables to it. To spice things up, add a dash of lime and sprinkle some chaat masala!



Bread slices

Veggies of your choice

Steamed chicken

A home-style sandwich could also be your answer to quick lunch options on busy weekdays. The best thing about sandwiches is that you can experiment with a stuffing of your choice. You can either use fresh veggies, chicken and mayo or give it a spin with leftover potato bhaaji. Toast or grill for that extra crunch.

Grilled chicken



Olive oil



Another healthy lunch option, grilled chicken works wonders when you are pressed for time. All you have to do is marinate the chicken at night with olive oil, garlic, some parsley and lots of crushed black pepper and salt. Set your alarm early than usual so that you can grill the chicken next morning.

Egg fried rice


Leftover rice


Chinese sauces

Onions and garlic

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