5 Quick Recipes For Your Last-Minute Christmas Party

5 Quick Recipes For Your Last-Minute Christmas Party

Christmas recipes pot pies A chicken pot pie makes for a perfect party dish in this weather. Photo: Dreamstime

Christmas is upon us, and we cannot be merrier. But if you are one of those who fear the long queues and pricey menus at restaurants tonight, this could be your solution. Throwing a last-minute party to save yourself from all of that is now a breeze. We have compiled some of the best party recipes for you to impress your guests who drop in without any notice. Get cooking, folks!

Carrot soup: If you are planning a menu that is heavy on the mains, let a vegetable soup balance it out. Carrots are in season, and with a nip in the air, it is the perfect time to enjoy a warm bowl of soup.

Chicken pot pie: It's not just the festive cheer, but also the weather that makes it just appropriate to make pot pies. And this chicken pot pie is no different. It's easy to make and delicious in taste.

Homemade Malay Roast Chicken: And because no X-Mas meal is complete without a roast, we give you a simple Malay roast chicken recipe. For all those of you who are short on time and have hungry guests waiting!

Roasted potatoes: These roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary go well with your roasts, and are a must on the menu at your Christmas party. It's super quick to make too.

Marshmallow cupcakes: And if your friends are getting their kids in tow, these cute and delicious cupcakes will do the job. Add the marshmallows sitting in your pantry for weeks, and they are bound to make them jump with joy!

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