5 Super Fun Ways To Cook With Oats

5 Super Fun Ways To Cook With Oats

OATS BAKE _ NANDITA Savoury oats bake.

Who said oats has to be boring? The super food, which has got everyone talking for its high nutritional value, can be given fun twists in the kitchen. A good source of protein and fibre, oats is 100 % wholegrain, which in the long run helps in weight loss and stay charged for the day. Here are some interesting ways to cook the popular breakfast dish in the Indian kitchen.

Something baked: One-pot meals work best on busy weeknights, don’t you agree? When the pantry seems defunct and there is no way to salvage dinner, all you have to do is cook up something that is quick, easy and lip-smacking. Go for a baked dish using oats as the core ingredient. Add veggies or meat of your choice, and voila, you have one recipe to go back to.

RECIPE: Savoury Oats Bake

Breakfast of champions: When life gives you eggs, you make anda bhurji. Or, akuri if you want to go the Parsi way. Look beyond your regular breakfast bowl of oats and try something different today. For instance, replace eggs with oats to make some bhurji. It's not only quirky, but also makes for a wholesome dish and keeps you going through the day.

Chaat Chaat inspired oats.

RECIPE: Oats Bhurji

Spice it up as a chaat: When hunger strikes at work, and you don't want to give in to junk food, a snack made with oats can be your saviour. Something as humble yet delicious as a chaat can be given a twist with oats! Add your choice of legumes, chutneys and spice concoctions to take it a notch higher.

RECIPE: Chaat Inspired Oats

Add them to lentils: Bored of your everyday dal? Do something out of the box! Give your signature touch by adding oats to it. The extra crunch and flavour work like magic and transform an ordinary dish into a star at the dining table.

RECIPE: Oats Bowl with Kerala Sambhar and Chutney

Sweet nothings: Us Indians love something sweet any time of the day. Be it ghee-laden ladoos, sugary gulab jamuns or milky concoctions like kheer and rabdi, our lives would have been incomplete without sweet nothings. Next time do something quirky with your desserts by simply adding oats to it.

RECIPE: Oats shujir payesh

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