5 Ways To Quirk Up Your Breakfast Smoothie

5 Ways To Quirk Up Your Breakfast Smoothie

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With our constantly busy lives, breakfast often bears the brunt. The quickest thing to grab for most of us is a fruit, or sometimes a smoothie. And why not? It is fresh, healthy and keeps you going throughout the day. But smoothies can become a little boring after a point. The good news is that you can jazz up your breakfast smoothie so that you have something to look forward to every morning.

Add more colour

A simple banana or apple smoothie may be healthy, but lacks visual appeal. Add in some berries to make it look brighter and happy. The pop of colour and variety punch in that extra flavour to kickstart your mornings.

Garnish, garnish, garnish

Who says you can't garnish a smoothie? Top it off with some seeds, Indian seasonal fruits like cut Alphonso mangoes, or even some honey and maybe pudina or mint leaves. This will not only make your smoothie look appetizing but also motivate you to have breakfast every morning.

Veggies make a difference

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a smoothie is fruit. But, vegetables can be equally good to add in a smoothie. Blend in some spinach, avocado or even that cucumber lying in the vegetable basket and see the difference.

Spice it up

A traditional smoothie is more on the sweeter side, but you can always give it a desi spicy twist by adding ground ginger, cinnamon or even nutmeg. This works well with vegetable smoothies.

Mix and match

Switch your regular milk for almond or soy milk. You can add in matcha tea powder or ground coffee too. Put in rolled oats or crushed ice for texture. Mix in whatever you like and customise your smoothie to your taste.

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