50 Vrat Recipes That Are Perfect For The Holy Month Of Shravan

50 Vrat Recipes That Are Perfect For The Holy Month Of Shravan

Shravan, a fasting period, is a religious practice observed by the Hindus and interestingly, it has a lot to do good health and the and the search for Vrat recipes begins. However, it is also considered a period where you give a break to your body from the daily routine. During this period, either people gain a lot of weight, eating all the yummy food that is rich and high on calories or they loose weight following the Saatvik diet. But, most of us tend to fast for all the delicious food one can eat during that period. Here are 50 Vrat recipes that are perfect to celebrate the holy month of Shravan that you can indulge in.

1. Sabudana Khichdi

During the fasting season, Sabudana khichdi is one of the favourite Vrat recipes that people love to gorge on. This Marathi Video recipe by Archana Arte is every Sabudana lovers dream come true.


2. Ghugni

Who says Bengalis don’t make vegetarian food? Ananya's Vrat recipe bursts this myth, bringing you the famous Kolkata street food, Ghugni. Enjoy making it and relishing it later, this Shravan.


3. Sabudana Kheer

The most relished food item during the fasting month of Shravan is the Sabudana Kheer which is one of the super easy Vrat recipes to make! This Gujarati recipe video by Toral's Pakhshala gives you yet another reason to devour sabudana.


4. Nariyal Na Laddu

What's better than coconut? Coconut laddus! This Gujarati video recipe by Toral's Pakhshala teaches you how to make delicious tri-coloured recipe with a twist.


5. Sitaphal Basundi

Basundi is the perfect way to end a meal when you're fasting. During Shravan, it is one of the Vrat recipes that satisfies sweet cravings like no other. Also, this sitaphal or custard apple recipe by Archana Arte takes the dish to another level altogether.


6. Peanut Laddoos

Have you ever had chikki? Now, try this Peanut Vrat recipe by Preetha right at home that has the perfect amount of chewiness and crunchiness, all in one bite.


7. Coconut Laddoo

These toasted and roasted coconut laddoos by Gitika is a Hindi recipe video, packed with dry fruits, which sounds like a good way to start off the day. If you're looking for Vrat recipes that'll keep you full, look no further.


8. Rava No Sheero

If you've grown up eating Sathanarayan no Sheero, you know that this recipe is unbeatable. This Gujarati video brings out the flavour of the sheera along with dried nuts and fruits, which is to die for!


9. Suji Halwa

The next best thing after wheat is semolina or suji or rava to make a delicious halwa. Vrat recipes like suji ka halwa can make the fasting period even better and this recipe by Seema Gadh is a must-try.


10. Banana Podimas

Looking for interesting ways to cook bananas? Preetha teaches you how to make Banana Vrat recipes in a way you haven't had before. Yes! It's a Bharta but only with bananas which makes it perfect for shravan.


11. Sweet Potato in Jaggery Syrup

Want to have a healthy dessert? Here it is! Try out this Sindhi recipe by Veena Gidhwani and we promise, you'll love it.


12. Raw Banana Fry

Bananas and fasting go hand-in-hand. Now with a raw banana fry recipe, make your sharavan tastier and spicier. This recipe by Smita is ideal when you crave for food that you're not supposed to eat while you're fasting.


13. Raw Banana Kebabs

Its's shravan and every now and then you have the temptation to eat a non-vegetarian dish, but Smita shows you how to curb that temptation while she makes raw banana kebabs!


14. Sweet Potato Bhaji

Potatoes are synonymous to fasting; from fries to potato bhaji, we've tried it all. It's time to try Vrat recipes without potatoes: the sweet potato version, which is both delicious and healthier.


15. Aloo Tikki

Potatoes give us the feeling of satisfaction as well as puts us in a comfort zone while we're not allowed to eat most things. This crispy aloo tikka recipe by Archana Arte along with a curd chutney makes for a yummy dinner recipe.


16. Falhari Malpua

Chef Pallavi Nigam, cooks a classic Malpua recipe with Upwas Parantha Atta that adds the right amount of sweetness to your fasting period. Now cook this rich and delightful Vrat recipe for your family and friends with this unique fasting-flour.


17. Rajgira Thalipeeth

Make your Vrat a little more interesting with this recipe of Rajgira Thalipeeth made with Rajgira Atta by Pallavi Nigam! Now, you might agree with us, that Vrat recipes couldn't get better than this!


18. Singhara Atta Ke Pakode

This is one of those special Vrat recipes that is simple to cook and delicious in taste. Now, you can cook tasty Vrat meals for your family and friends with this incredible fasting-friendly flour!


19. Sabudana Uttapam

A traditional south Indian delicacy, Uttapam can now be added to your fasting menu. These vrat ka uttapams are made with Sabudana Atta by Chef Pallavi Nigam and they taste divine when served with coconut chutney.


20. Rajgira Atta Ki Kachori

Who says you can’t enjoy a crispy-crunchy snack during Vrat? Here’s a simple yet delicious Vrat recipe by Chef Pallavi, where she makes kachori with Rajgira Atta. A perfect masaledaar snack for any day of the Vrat season!


21. Kuttu Atta Cookies

Vrat recipes becomes even more special when you're served these delicious cookies! Made with Kuttu ka Atta, their crispy & crunchy yumminess will make your fasting time more exciting and keep cravings for unhealthy snacks at bay.

22. Sabudana Atta Dahi Bhalle

Soaked in sweet and spicy yoghurt, fluffy Dahi Bhalles are guaranteed to perk up your mood during Shravan. Chef Pallavi Nigam shows you how to prepare this amazing recipe with Sabudana Atta, an absolute treat while fasting.

23. Samak Atta Gulab Jamun

Here’s a dish that’s impossible to resist! Gulab Jamun is an evergreen sweet delight and never fails to impress you. Your Shravan fast is incomplete without these soft & spongy jamuns, loaded with malai, by Chef Pallavi made with Samak Atta.

24. Batatchya Kees

This Marathi video by Archana Arte is a typical Maharashtrian recipe usually cooked during Upvas/vrat or fast. Learn how to make this tasty recipe this Shravan at home with Archana.

25. Samak Atte Ki Lapsi

Lapsi is a delicious dessert that needs no introduction! A hot plate of lapsi made with Samak Atta by Chef Pallavi Nigam tastes incredibly flavourful. Try this recipe while fasting this shravan and serve it with hot pooris.


26. Kuttu Ke Atte Ka Chilla

Cheela's are India’s answer to the western pancake and with Kuttu Atta, they become even more irresistible! Try making these soft and nutritious cheelas for Shravan, Vrat recipe by Chef Pallavi Nigam.

27. Singhare Ka Halwa

Here’s a simple recipe by Chef Pallavi, where she cooks Singhara Atta Halwa using Singhara Atta. Cook up some delicious Vrat dishes for your loved ones with flour that’s perfect for your fast!

28. Khamang Kakdi

If you're tired of eating the baked potato snacks this shravan, make this delicious cucumber peanut salad by Roopa Nabar. She tells you how to make Khamag Kakdi at home, one of those Vrat recipes that is super fresh and light on the stomach too.

29. Pidi Kozhukattai

This Shravan, enjoy a delectable millet recipe called Pidi Kozhukattai. Preetha brings us this savoury traditional recipe which is a spice-infused serving of delicious sama millet shaped into circular bites.

30. Kand No Halwo

This bite-sized savoury snack is a perfect Shravan evening treat when kand is in season. This recipe by Asha Khatau, when paired with mildly-spiced mixture of coriander, green peas and coconut along with the steamed purple yams taste heavenly.

31. Sevchyachi Barfi

Shevyachi Burfi is a popular and delicious dessert recipe made with milk, vermicelli and dry fruit For all of you with a sweet tooth, here's a recipe by Archana Arte that guides us how to make vermicelli sweet cakes!

32. Homemade Buttermilk

Shravan is not all about eating but hydrating yourself too. This delicious buttermilk recipe comes to the rescue. A hint of senda namak along with cucumbers and chillies is one of those rejuvenating Vrat recipes which is ideal for fasting.

33. Aloo Paneer Paratha

Who said you couldn't eat paratha while fasting? Pallavi tells you how to make soft, upvas ka parathas along with aloo and paneer! It is made with upvas ka atta so don't fret about this one and relish it as much as you want.


34. Ratalyachi Bhaji

Who would have thought that Vrat recipes could be so tasty? Archana Arte cooks for you another version of this mashed sweet potato bhaji which you can jazz up with dry fruits for a filling portion.


35. Panch Amrit

Panch Amrit is a holy drink, also considered to be the nectar of Gods. It is prepared using five ingredients - milk, ghee, curd, honey and sugar! This traditional Indian drink is the perfect way to hydrate during the month of shravan.


36. Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun

Craving gulab jamuns during the fasting month of Shravan? Look no further, here is a sweet version of the sweet potato jamun that'll leave you craving for more.


37. Sabudana Vada

Apart from sabudana khichdi, the next dish that is dear to us is this easy Aloo Sabudana Vada Vrat recipe by Toral. This Gujarati recipe video teaches you how to prefect the art of making Sabudana Vada.


38. Lauki Halwa

Yes, dudhi is a vegetable that is favourable to eat during the fast period. So, make this halwa or bottle gourd pudding with a dollop of ghee and sprinkle of almonds and you'll have a lip-smacking Vrat recipe to devour.


39. Panifoler Palo

This Singhara ke Atte ka halwa by Ananya is a Bengali video recipe that is indeed a shravan Vrat recipe that can be enjoyed by kids and adults, alike. If you have a sweet tooth, this recipe is the answer.


40. Special Dry Fruit Barfi

This is one of those Vrat recipes by Archana Arte, a Marathi Video, that can be be prepared well in advance and eaten when your heart wants everything sweet and something nice.


41. Paneer Coconut Laddu

Shravan gives you yet another reason to make these delicious Paneer Coconut Balls at home. Archana Arte tells you how to makes this Vrat recipe that will impress your guests.


42. Kaju Katli

Kuch meetha ho jaye? We've all eyed the kaju Katli in mithai shops but never tried to make it at home but it looked so tedious. This Shravan, try this 3-minute vrat recipe that not only saves time but also tastes divine.


43. Eggless Sooji Cake

Who doesn't love cake and with this eggless Sooji cake, it is possible to enjoy cake while you're fasting too. It is one of those vrat recipes that can make you feel great on a low energy day.


44. Thandai

Thandai is a mahashivratri special but this muskmelon seed thandhai is also perfect for shravan. One of the quickest and easiest vrat recipes to make, it saves ample of time when you're in a hurry.


45. Rose Milk

What's not to love about rooh afza? This rose milk recipe by Toral's Pakshala along with basil seeds is a perfect cooler to sip on while you are fasting.


46. Watermelon Smoothie

Chef Ajay Chopra prepares the best and easy Watermelon Smoothie with yogurt. Also, learn how to cut Watermelon and make this amazing cooler at your home without watermelon seeds. You can also add strawberry syrup to enhance the flavour to this smoothie.


47. Jaggery Juice

Jaggery Juice is a healthy and refreshing drink! This juice is prepared with jaggery, lemon juice and topped with sabza seeds! Archana Arte shows you how to make this cooler in just a few easy steps.

48. Raw Banana Fry

If you're tired of not eating a complete meal during fasts, this raw banana fry by Recipe Factory shows you how to make a sukka banana sabzi which you can devour with rajgira or sattu roti.

49. Spiral Fried Potato

At one point in the food space, spiral potatoes had become an outrage! And, now you can make them right at home with ease and show off your creativity while you're fasting.


50. Masala Milk

Masala milk aka Masala Doodh is a beverage that serves as a great way to end the day. It is packed with the goodness of dry fruits and saffron and gives you good night's sleep.


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