6 Best Indian Vegetarian Curries That Are Easy To Make

6 Best Indian Vegetarian Curries That Are Easy To Make

Every other day, I'm scrolling down webpages for 'Indian vegetarian curries' wondering what can I ask my cook to make for dinner today. It has become the story of my life, a conjecture, whether she'll be able to replicate what I have in mind. Since she doesn't cook non-vegetarian food, eating vegetarian food is a simpler way for both of us to co-exist.

With dinner recipes flooding the internet, I'm either spoilt for choice or not too sure, I would want to make that recipe ever again. Usually, I prefer eating Indian food during the week with curry being the principal component. So, here I have the best Indian vegetarian curries that are perfect for a weeknight dinner and easy to make.

1.) Potato Curry

You can never go wrong with a simple Aloo Ki Sabzi. It is made differently in every household. So, here's our version of one of India's favourite vegetarian curries.

2.) Aloo Baingan

India is a nation where millennials frown upon and throw a tantrum when they hear the word, Baingan or eggplant. And, somehow all the mothers give in when they see their child throw a fit. But, not anymore. This simple Aloo Baingan recipe is one of those vegetarian curries you'll fall in love with and even kids will enjoy it.

3.) Amritsari Chole

When you talk about Indian vegetarian curries, Amritsari Chole comes on top of the list. A little tangy, a little pungent, the kitchen gets filled with aromatic spices when you cook this recipe. It's best served with Bhature, Kulcha or just plain steamed rice!

4.) Palak Paneer

This is one of those vegetarian curries that are packed full of vitamins A and E, proteins, fibres, calcium, and iron. When Paneer or cottage cheese is added to the delicious green curry, it not only makes the dish tastier but adds a richness that Indian dishes are known for.

5.) Rajma or Kidney Beans

Lentils and pulses are the core ingredients found in an Indian Kitchen. This red kidney bean Indian vegetarian curry is generally loved my most. And, there is a unique technique to get this dish right, so follow the recipe below for the best version of Rajma that you'll ever taste.

6.) Paneer Kofta

Any form of Paneer or cottage cheese dish is welcome in any household during a weeknight. It is considered a 'special dish'. And, when you see something special on a regular night, it is an utter delight. It is one of those Indian vegetarian curries that sounds intimidating to make but with this recipe, it could become anyone's cup of tea.

These recipes are definitely the answer to my usual question, "Aaj khane mein kya hai?" These Indian Vegetarian curries are finger-licking good that solve my headache of not having to eat out because I don't like something my cook makes.

So, make it at home and tell us your version if you cook it differently. Happy Cooking!

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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