6 Questions To Ask Before Hosting A Diwali Party

6 Questions To Ask Before Hosting A Diwali Party

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Hosting the perfect Diwali bash can be a stressful task. From picking a theme to ensuring a star menu, it is essential to plan everything in advance.

What makes any party a hit is the right mix of food and drinks, and a bunch of cheery people to keep the conversations flowing. A Diwali party is no different.

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That said, what you serve to your guests can make or break the party. Your menu needs to be spot on, period. Here are some key questions to answer while hosting the perfect Diwali party --

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian? If you know your guests well, this should be a breeze. If not, your menu must have both chicken and paneer. Try to strike a balance between both the preferences.

Buffet or sit-down meal? A Diwali party for a close family may call for a sit-down meal. More so if you have invited a small bunch of elderly guests. A buffet works when the invitee list is long.

Homemade food or catering service? When the occasion is Diwali, your guests are most likely to expect a grand menu. So, if you're aspiring to cook for a big party without breaking a sweat, start early. Although nothing can beat a home-cooked menu, ordering it from a reliable catering company, is also not a bad idea.

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Who's drinking what? An open bar is always a star attraction at any party. If you have a bar in your house, you're sorted. If not, check with the jingbang what they would like to drink. For those who are not drinking alcohol, it is necessary to stock enough soft drinks and nimbu paani (you know for what!).

Finger foods vs main course. A festive party like Diwali calls for endless rounds of cocktails and wine. Keep some easy finger foods or small bites ready in addition to one or two main dishes. An Indian menu is always a winner, so go for kebabs, tandoori chicken for starters and biryani or kheema pav for mains.

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