6 Quick Fast Recipes That Are A Must-Try This Mahashivratri

6 Quick Fast Recipes That Are A Must-Try This Mahashivratri

When I was young, I was only interested in fasting because I could gorge on all the lovely delicacies prepared by my mother. Being a Gujarati, Sabudana khichdi, Rajigra Puri and Suki Bhaji was a staple in our household but these days I just want more than that. If you're looking for quick fast recipes that you can try out this Mahashivratri, indulge in these easy to make recipes curated and made by our home Chef, Archana Arte.

1.) Sabudana Khichdi

An all-time favourite, this dish is a common fast recipe all over India. So, if you're planning to binge on this dish, this may be the recipe you want to make.

2.) Sabudana Kheer

Who doesn't love Sabudana and especially when it's in the form of a dessert? This is a fast recipe that can't be ignored, so please give it a try at home.

3.) Sweet Potato Sabzi

Moving on from the regular potatoes, sweet potato has made its entrance in the list of fast recipes to be tried. It's here to stay and has a nutrient value too.

4.) Banana Pudding

I know bananas can get a little boring sometimes but when it's made into a pudding it's definitely not!

5.) Lauki Halwa

I've never been a fan of lauki but during fast, I love to quench my sweet craving with this delicious fast recipe.

6.) Rava Sheera

More than savoury dishes, a fast day for me means to binge on sugar delicacies. I give into my guilty pleasures because fast recipes can be so yum!

So, if you're looking to fast this Mahashivratri, these quick fast recipes are not going to tire your make you want to give it up midday.

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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