6 Quickfix Munchies For The Big Oscars Night

6 Quickfix Munchies For The Big Oscars Night

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If you woke up late for the Oscars 2017 telecast today morning, you know you can catch the repeat tonight at 8:30 pm. That is, if you reside in India.

As you wrap up work and rush back home to catch your favourite stars walk down the red carpet, here are some easy-to-make munchies that you can take with you on the couch!

Banana chips: Watch the Academy Awards the Indian way with some crispy banana chips.

Caramel popcorn: Bet you cannot stop munching on this caramel popcorn even when Ryan Gosling walks in on the red carpet! :-P

Banana & chocolate French toast: Intend to stay glued to the screen when the A-listers walk down wearing their best? Make this quickfix recipe before switching on that TV!

Avocado, coconut & lemon mug cake: Looking for a quick healthy dessert to enjoy while watching the Oscars tonight? This avocado mug cake could be your saviour!

Strawberry & chocolate sandwich: Turn your Oscar night into a date night with this chunky strawberry and chocolate sandwich.

Onion cheese rings: A little cheese did nobody harm. So how about binge-watching the Oscars 2017 telecast with some cheesy onion rings?

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