7 Best Vegetarian Channels On Youtube That We're Loving Right Now

7 Best Vegetarian Channels On Youtube That Were Loving Right Now

Like we all know, the recipe search on Youtube had increased during the lockdown period more than ever. With over 40% vegetarian population in India, the rise in search for vegetarian recipes soared higher too. With a plethora of recipes available on Youtube, creators were focused in bringing their best food forward for people who were either learning how to cook, cooking for the first time or who were looking to create innovative recipes. With rumours around chicken and meat consumption, falling back on vegetarian recipes sounded like a safest bet at the time. Having said that, these Youtube creators stuck to their strengths and consistently shared their love for vegetarian food with us. Here are our top 7 vegetarian Youtube channels:

1. Shaluz Love Book

From the easiest recipes to the most intricate ones, Shalu Bansal creates recipes in Hindi that are easy to follow. Her Youtube channel focuses on bringing to you the best of North and South Indian recipes and she often shares continental recipe with desi flavours as well. With over 1.6 M subscribers and more than 1000 recipes, she has built strong community on Youtube where she shares her love for all recipes vegetarian.

2. Archana's Kitchen

If you want to see how tasty is done in a healthy way, Archana Doshi's Youtube channel says it all. Along with Youtube, Archana has a loyal fan base on Facebook and Instagram too along with driving traffic to her own website. She shares traditional Indian vegetarian recipes from across India. Her 'DIY' solutions and techniques for everyday cooking sets her apart from her counterparts. She started off with blogging on her website about baby food and with time she got to do some exceptional work with Vikas Khanna along with some prestigious brands, making her journey is truly inspiring.

3. Manjula's Kitchen

Manjula Jain makes cooking an effortless process through her more than 500 recipes that include many vegan and gluten free recipes. She showcases simple, vegetarian recipes that can be achieved by following easy steps. Her video tutorials and written recipes allow you to understand the fundamentals in cooking Indian dishes in the most simplistic way. With her 576K strong Youtube community and 1.7 M Facebook followers, she loves experimenting with vegetarian ingredients to create unique combinations and flavours that will appeal to the younger generation too.

4. Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Started by Meenakshi, IVR has 350+ vegetarian recipes, varying from breakfast to dinner and snacks too. From pakoras to curries and everything seasonal, you'll find Indian recipes in abundance.

5. Veggie Recipe House

Started as a passion by Shaweta Batra in 2013, Veggie Recipe House highlights the recipes she grew up learning from her mother. Residing in United States, she started this blog for her husband and son where she dished out everyday healthy vegetarian recipes directly from her kitchen. If you go through her Youtube channel, you'd see a variety of Indian cuisines like Punjabi, Gujrati, South Indian and Marathi. If you love baking, she has some of the most amazing eggless dessert recipes on her channel too.

6. Poonam's Veg Kitchen

With 4 years and more than 600 vegetarian recipes, Poonam shares delicious vegetarian Indian recipe videos that are simple to cook, showing a step by step process of cooking. Her focus is to create restaurant-style homemade dishes that you can indulge in.

7. Veg Village Food

If you love to watch grannies cook, this channel is not only amazing for that (of course that's an incentive) but it also focuses on driving a noble cause; to feed poor children in a village in Punjab. If you want to see how dadi ma cook in huge quantities of 500 & 1000 units, in huge utensils and pots, this channel is a must-watch. With loyal subscribers, they're 3.5 M strong on Youtube where vegetarian recipes are cooked and plated in huge quantities. It is indeed an inspiration for people who are passionate about food.

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