7 Celebrity Chefs You Must Follow On Instagram

7 Celebrity Chefs You Must Follow On Instagram

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Instagram is a great way to know what everyone around the world is up to. Whether it is with family albums, food pictures or random clicks, people show a little part of themselves and their lives on this visual platform. And, with its ever increasing popularity, it has become more than easy to get a glimpse into the lives of our favourite people. These chefs around the world too are using the photo app to showcase their passion for food. Check out our favourite Indian and international chefs whose profiles we cannot get over!

Chef Ranveer Brar @ ranveer.brar

If you truly appreciate ethnicity, check out chef Ranveer Brar's profile. Right from local Indian food to street food and thela food across different cities, you will find it all here in their most original form.

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Manish Mehrotra @ chefmanishmehrotra

If gourmet food is your haven, chef Manish Mehrotra's account is the right one to follow. You will only find culinary masterpieces here! Make sure you have something to munch on while you browse his profile. His fusion Indian food creations leave us in awe every now and then.

Gordon Ramsey @ gordongram

Good food, a glimpse into his hotels and some pretty striking poses make up Chef Gordon's profile. If you are fan of fresh organic ingredients just like him, his profile is one you must follow.

Jamie Oliver @ jamieoliver

Apart from the most beautiful food pictures, get a glimpse of British chef Jamie Oliver's recipes as well as everything about his personal life.

Heston Blumenthal @ thehestonblumenthalteam

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at one of the best restaurants in the world? Chef Heston Blumenthal's profile is one to browse to discover these secrets. Making world class food definitely ain't easy.

Ravinder Bhogal @ cookinboots

Recipes, cities, pets, books and of course food, this gorgeous British chef has it all right there on her profile. A beautiful mix of aesthetics, nostalgia and lots of pretty-looking food.

Gaggan Anand @gaggan

The India-born, Bangkok-based chef's profile is all about food experiments. We don't want to give it away, so check it out for yourself!

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