7 Food Changes To Make If You Care About The Planet #EarthDay

7 Food Changes To Make If You Care About The Planet #EarthDay

Kitchen is the heart of a home and what you decide to do in the kitchen shapes up most of your life. This Earth Day, we pledge to respect every ingredient that makes way to our plate. We're in control of what and how we eat. We choose to preserve the resources available to us! Food wastage has been a constant concern across the globe and has only seemed to be getting worse. Many might argue that this is not an individual problem but a world problem. How could one person's contribution matter so much? The simple answer is sitting right at home, from within your kitchen, your food change choices will only reflect good upon Earth. Trust us, little things, make huge differences and we can contribute to it in our own way, with simple ideas coming from our hearts. #DoYourBit

1.) Seasonal Indulgences

This one is more like taking life as it comes with the new mantra of appreciating seasonal produce, grown right in your own region! Why waste money and nutrients on imported produce and fancy ingredients that lose out on it's benefits while on their way to your supermarket? Eating fruits and vegetables when they're in-season only means that you're consuming the freshest ingredients with their natural flavours intact. In better words, you're feeding your soul. Wouldn't you agree with us when we say that bajra roti or bhakri and sarson ka saag taste better during winters and watermelons and mangoes taste better in summers?

2.) Buy Local

The bonus of eating seasonal acts as an added bonus. It's like the domino effect, if you eat seasonal produce, you'll be in a constant search for locally grown produce, which in turn helps local farmers, ultimately benefiting the whole food chain. So, indulge in the bountiful produce of the region you're from. Your body will be thankful to you for nourishing it with the best sources of vitamins and minerals, all year around! Once you buy local, limiting processed and packaged goods is next in line as a natural progression.

3.) Fishes Spurt Out- Save Us Species

With #ProtectOurSpecies being the focal theme of this years Earth Day, it only begs the questions that how far have we exploited these underwater species. Monsoon is categorically a time when fishes breed. But due to high demands, this natural process has been interrupted to lengths that some of these species are on the verge of extinction. All the fish lovers there, listen up and try to curb your fish cravings during the monsoons as “In nature, nothing exists alone.”— Rachel Carson. We all need to co-exist and like in any relationship, a certain amount of space is needed-give fish their own space too! Leave them alone, for the coming season.

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4.) Grow Your Greens

Imagine looking at a pretty green and luscious kitchen window and going, "Oh, that's such a great idea!" Make that your great idea, growing herbs you regularly use right in your own kitchen. Going organic is the easiest way to give back to the environment. The added advantage of this herb garden is that it does make your kitchen prettier. All you need is a little space, a few beautiful mini pots, good soil and few hands-on seeds of herbs like coriander, mint, chillies and tomatoes. This way, you'll never miss out on nutrients that only your greens can provide.

5.) Food Wastage

Around the world, food wastage is a dinner table debate which reaches no conclusion or solution. But, what can we do in our own kitchen matters than what others are doing or simply talking about. There are so many ways to use a produce in it's entirety. Right from its skin to the pulp, you can creatively use peels, flesh and seeds in making daily recipes. Reduce your trash by composting. Not only will your garden thank you, fewer black plastic bags will mean less waste to dispose of or recycle.

6.) Unplastic Your Lives

With the overwhelming concept of plastic ban since the past year, we say, good riddance. It's time to throw out those plastic containers that you've been stacking in your kitchen for reuse (result of eating out and saving dabbas for later use). So many of you must wonder, what is an alternative to that? Go back to the roots, we say! Use steel or glass containers to pack your lunch, store food items and freeze them too. Heading to a sabzi mandi or a farmers market? The cloth bags are the best way to go. Smallest things like straws and plastic glasses and cup can be replaced by paper, steel or glass!

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7.) Save Water

Stepping into a kitchen when there's a water cut is the time when we realize how important it is to have running water in the kitchen. Whether it is to clean fruits and vegetables or grains and pulses, we not only use water but tend to waste it too without being too mindful of the consequences. The best way to make effective use of water is to use water that a water filter throws out that can be stored and used to wash utensils. Things like regularly keeping a tab on water leakage, not leaving the running water on in full speed and soaking utensils before washing them helps. It's more contribution than you think it is.

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