7 Immunity-Boosting Recipes That You Need This Monsoon

7 Immunity-Boosting Recipes That You Need This Monsoon

It's no secret that our immunity goes for a toss during the monsoon months. And, our bodies deserve all the good vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep us healthy. Turmeric or Haldi is one of the key ingredients that sees highlight every time we talk about immunity building. I'm sure your nani and dadi used it as a cure for almost everything. Touted as one of the healthiest spices in the world, as it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing properties. Not only has turmeric proven his benefits in healthcare and beauty industry but has been a remedy used in Ayurveda that dates back to more than 4000 years!

Consuming this golden spice on a regular basis, naturally helps the digestive tract, immune system and its bitter nature helps support the healthy inflammatory response. Mostly turmeric is considered a spice popular to be put in curries, but these are some immunity-boosting recipes that say otherwise and will keep you safe this monsoon.

1. Haldi Chaas

Ever tried turmeric or haldi chaas/buttermilk. It is a great way to rejuvenate on days when it's humid and is almost about to pour. A staple in most homes, across the country, adding a pinch of haldi to it during monsoons can go a long way. It is a beautiful elixir on days when you need your insides to feel calm and healthy.

2. Haldi Smoothie

Yes, you heard me right! Haldi Smoothie is a huge thing in the West but when the spice is ours, why not innovate our recipes around it too? Be it a mango, pineapple, plain banana or any veggie smoothie, adding a pinch can help you boost up your immunity.

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3. Haldi Latte

This is our desi-version of haldi doodh (but only frothed) which we were forced to drink when we were not feeling well. It is believed that haldi can just about cure everything and sure helps in immunity-boosting. The curcumin in turmeric is considered to improve mood and sharpens the brain. A cup of turmeric milk can treat symptoms like bloating, gas, heartburn and other gastrointestinal infections.

4. Haldi Tea

From it's anti-inflammatory properties to aiding in weight loss, haldi tea can either be made like a traditional chai or as a black tea with turmeric. Monsoons can bring in a lot of fungal diseases along with it but turmeric tea or for that matter any turmeric recipe can solve those problems without having to visit a doctor. So, don't worry about immunity-boosting issues during the monsoons because you have turmeric right in your kitchen.

5. Haldi Jamu

An Indonesian anti-inflammatory tonic, the recipe might sound exotic but it has common ingredients that you'd easily find in your kitchens. It is a natural liver detoxifier and kidney cleanser.

6. Haldi Shots

A concentrated version, Haldi shots are best recommended to have early in the morning or as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach. It boosts up energy, releases toxins from the body and aids digestion. You can add coconut water, orange juice or lime juice to balance out the flavours.

7. Haldi Pancakes

Heard of turmeric pancakes? Yes, it is indeed a healthier way to indulge in the goodness of pancakes. Try this next time when you crave for pancakes and you're going to be taking care of your immunity too. Drizzle it with ghee and honey for that extra wholesomeness and nourishment for the body during the monsoon season.

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