7 Reasons Why Mug Meals Make For Cool Meals

7 Reasons Why Mug Meals Make For Cool Meals

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Life is hectic, and when you’re running late or only have a few minutes between errands, throwing in a few ingredients in a mug for a quick meal doesn't sound like a bad idea. Mug cakes are quite popular, but these little mugs are more than capable of making delicious meals and all in under 5 minutes. These recipes can be made on the spot, taste amazing and can be taken to work, school or even enjoyed at home. It's not called being lazy, it's being efficient.


Mug meals are more than convenient. Not only can you prepare them in the least amount of time, they are incredibly easy to make and can also be eaten on the go. Talk about convenience!


We often tend to over eat and regret it soon enough. These meals help us control our portions as they are made in small quantities. This can help keep a check on the calorie intake by making a meal with ingredients that don't exceed your calorie intake for the day.


Since the portions are controlled, a variety of different meals can be made at the same time. Want to eat pizza, lasagna and cake all at once? No problem, you can make and enjoy all these and more right then without having to make huge portions. Noodles, eggs, pies, puddings, the options are endless!


Time is precious and more so for everyone who is working. The time used in making huge portions of food can be used more effectively in many other ways. The little meals made in mugs are quick to put together and take less than 5 minutes of your time.

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No cooking

After a long day at work, cooking isn't the most comforting idea for many. Even the thought of the whole extravagant process can be tiring and this is where mug meals come to the rescue. Good food without all the effort. It's a win-win.

No mess

We can all agree that preparing food takes a lot of time and makes an even bigger mess. No doubt the outcome is worth it, but sometimes a fuss-free, no-mess meal is all you want and that is exactly what a mug meal is. Plus, since the quantity is less, there is no wastage.

Everything homemade

Even though they are quick meals, fresh home ingredients are added to make these, which is far better than eating unhealthy food outside. Say yes to mug meals, already.

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