7 Signs You're A True Nutella Lover

7 Signs Youre A True Nutella Lover

Fact: Nutella is a dish on its own! And, it only makes other things better. You can't remember your life without it. Of course, right now you're swimming in the Nutella pool, just hearing the word. You have a line full of empty Nutella jars in your kitchen that remind you of the good times. You can't help yourself but binge-watch Nutella videos on Instagram & Pinterest! So, happy World Nutella Day to you, my fellow fan, who's drooling right now and just can't wait to dig into a jar RN. Okay now, go on, get the jar, pull on your Nutella pyjamas & read this because you're going to go NUT-ella (not that you're not already) over it! How many of these can you relate to?

1. You celebrate World Nutella Day.

If you're reading this today, i.e. 5th February, then you're a definitely celebrating this wonderful day! Are you the one throwing a party for your friends where the menu is NUTELLA? For others, Nutella day might just be any normal day but for you, it is a day where you're super excited about trying all things Nutella at various restaurants & also recreate your favourites at home. Whattay Party!

2. You refuse to share your Nutella jar with anyone.

Hiding it in the refrigerator/ or a commonplace where your sibling/friend has easy access to is a BIG no no! You've learnt your lessons the hard way! You always have a "Go, get your own" kind of a face when anyone even steps closer to you while you're eating it. If you wished, you would have a Nutella safe made so that no one puts their eyes on your beloved!

3. You truly believe that Nutella goes well with everything.

You: Mummy aaj khaane mein kya hai?

Mummy: Beta, Tinda.

You: Scooping off a heaped spoon of Nutella from the jar & slathering it on your roti.

Because any excuse is a good excuse to eat Nutella! Heated, cold, frozen or melty; you love it no matter in what form it is. Be it a chapati, bread, samosa, pizza, Maggi; name it and you've tried it with everything.

4. You've scraped the very last of it with your fingers & licked them like this is the last bottle of Nutella on this PLANET!

By the end of every bottle, this is your THING. You can't bear the thought of wasting this precious hazelnutty spread so you squeaky clean it that sometimes your mother is mistaken whether it's washed bottle or not. You were the happiest when Nutella introduced their miniature bottles because you could get a chance to finish it off at breakfast only!

5. You hate it when people use Nutella substitutes.

Like how can they? Don't they know NUTELLA is OG. Duh! Of course, you're a snob in the matter because you simply refuse to settle for anything that isn't Nutella.

6. Anything Nutella on the menu is your OBVIOUS choice.

Nutella Ice cream. Nutella Pancake. Nutella Milkshake. Nutella Freakshake. Nutella Dosa, Nutella Pizza. Nutella Toastie. Nutella Cupcake. Nutella Cupcake. Nutella Maggi. Nutella Brownies. Nutella Cookies. And, the list can go on. Your cravings for all-things Nutella definitely drives your friends crazy!

7. Emotions= Nutella

You know that Nutella can solve all your problems. When you're happy, you dip your finger in it and go at it. When you're sad, you dunk your sorrows in it. When you're stressed, you uplift your mood by digging into it. When you're mad, you stuff your mouth with it. When you're going through PMS, a spoonful can make your day. Basically, Nutella is the answer to all your feelings & if it'd be on tinder you'd swiped RIGHT with your eyes shut!

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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