7 Simple Ways To Jazz Up Your Food Photos #WorldPhotoDay

7 Simple Ways To Jazz Up Your Food Photos #WorldPhotoDay

world photo day food photos food pictures food images Happy World Photography Day!

Picture this. You walk into a fancy restaurant, find a good table and order some gorgeous-looking food. You see your food arrive from a distance and gear up with the phone in your hand to take the perfect Instagram photo. Sounds familiar? It's a been-there-done-that feeling when it comes to clicking that Insta-worthy photo. On #WorldPhotographyDay, we give you a few tips to help you get the perfect food picture every time.


Lighting is crucial. It can make or break the deal. Go for natural lighting as much as possible to make your pictures stand out. Grabbing a window seat at a restaurant may help you with natural light.


Blurry pictures are not cool. So, focus, focus, focus! Well-focused pictures make your food look fresher and showcase all the elements of the dish. If it's a meringue with berries on top, latter should be in focus.


Go for angles that make your dish look flattering, however they may differ depending on factors like light and space. Top shots always work rather than a side angle. It is absolutely okay to stand and take a picture capturing everything that's on the table!


While a lot of factors are important in making food look brilliant on camera, plating of the dish is just as important. Make sure to wipe off any oil or spilled gravy on the dish or bowl with a paper napkin.


It’s important to have good solid colours in your frame. If the shades clash or don’t look good together, no matter how good the food looks, it will ruin the photo. Choose colours cleverly, and those that complement each other. Like a chocolate cake makes for a pretty picture if displayed on a white cake stand.


Adding too many elements in your picture will take the attention away from your main dish. Keep the frame simple with less, but well complementing elements.


A good photo needs a good background. Choose a background that makes your dish pop out rather than one that camouflages it. If you have a green plate, make sure you have a white background so that the dish looks stands out.

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