7 Tried and Tested Weird Vanilla Ice Cream Combinations That Actually Work

7 Tried and Tested Weird Vanilla Ice Cream Combinations That Actually Work

A flavour so versatile, a taste so nostalgic, and one of the most experimented flavours, this national vanilla ice cream day, we talk about weird vanilla ice cream combinations that actually work. Loved by people across all age groups and probably one of the first flavours of ice cream relished by a child, vanilla becomes an instant favourite. It is safe enough to say that vanilla ice cream is an emotion in the truest sense, from eating it while you have a dentist drama or digging into a cup full of the milky goodness that particularly doesn’t taste anything like pure vanilla and making it your own kind of flavour with random toppings of your choice.

If you’re a die-hard vanilla fan, you’d agree that it goes well with anything and everything under the sun from sauces to crunch to candy to fruit to spices and even bacon. While the most common toppings for Vanilla ice cream include chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, peanut butter cups, cookies, strawberries, brownies and many more, there are a few weird vanilla ice cream combinations that surprisingly taste amazing.

1. Cheeseballs and Vanilla Ice Cream

It is one of those weird vanilla ice cream combinations that is inspired by the fiery hot Cheetos ice cream from the US. All you need to make this weird vanilla ice cream combination is blend a packet of cheeseballs in a grinder, scoop out vanilla ice cream and roll it in this cheeseballs powder and crown your waffle or cup with it. Sounds a little off, we agree, but this one is indeed addictive.

Pro Tip: Use French vanilla ice cream over regular vanilla ice cream to bring out the deliciousness of the cheese and vanilla flavours.

2. Kurkure and Vanilla Ice Cream

The second of the two weird vanilla ice cream combinations inspired by the fiery hot Cheetos ice cream is this crazy Indianised version. Kurkure is a much loved packaged fried snack that comes in various spicy flavours like the green chilli, spicy, rajasthani chutney and many more.

Verdict: The spiciness of the flavours and the crunchy kurkure along with vanilla ice cream is surprisingly a welcome change from the usual vanilla ice cream and is definitely worth a try if you haven’t already.

3. Green Chillies/Red Chilli Powder

Every now and then, we hear of something called chilli ice cream. A lot of us haven’t tried it for various reasons, be it the fact that it isn’t easily available or because many of them are skeptical about giving it a shot. We tried vanilla ice cream and chilli two ways. In our first experiment, we coated vanilla ice cream in fiery hot green chillies! The sweetness from the vanilla ice cream and the spiciness from the chillies is too good to not be tried at least once in a lifetime. The other one was dunked in the red chilli powder from our spice box.

Verdict: We loved the addition of spice to our vanilla and has kind of become one of the flavours we’ll definitely never forget.

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4. Potatoes

Sounds horrible but wait till you’ve had a taste of it. And, we’re one of those who can eat anything and everything that has potatoes in them! So, why not the vanilla ice cream? We tried various ways of having vanilla ice cream and potatoes together and we fell in love!!While french fries with vanilla ice and hot chocolate sauce with a dash of tabasco sauce is our favourite, we don’t mind some peri peri spiced fries too.

Verdict: And in the end, we decided that anything from potato chips to hash browns, everything ‘potatoey’ works perfectly with vanilla ice cream!

5. Soya Sauce

We were taken aback when we heard of this particular flavour combination ourselves and were so skeptical about the whole thing that we had to give it a shot. The saltiness of the soya sauce along with the sweetness of the vanilla is oh-so-good! And, we must say, while there’s nothing better than something sweet in the world, we’ve converted!

Verdict: Now we say, there’s nothing better than a little bit of salty and sweet together. For us, enjoying vanilla ice cream will never be the same again.

6. Nachos

From Kurkure to cheeseballs and now nachos, we got hooked to adding spicy and salty things to our vanilla ice cream. The various flavours of nachos easily available in the market today made it a must-try combination for us to try out.

Verdict: Our favourite one was the jalapeno nachos and vanilla ice cream which does sound like the perfect yet one of those weird vanilla ice cream combinations that tastes like no other.

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7. Soft Drinks

We all love the concept of a coke float and it is readily available in the market. Then, why do we consider it weird? Basically, it was a weird combination way before it became the new normal! And, with so many versions of float out there, this soda based beverage topped with vanilla ice cream is so much fun. The fizz from the soda allows the ice cream to float, bringing out the playfulness of the concept. And, it is surprisingly so weird that it is lovingly accepted by people across all age groups!

Verdict: No one can drink just one, so definitely worth a shot!

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