7 Vegan Desserts In Mumbai To Indulge In Guilt-Free

7 Vegan Desserts In Mumbai To Indulge In Guilt-Free

Going vegan sounds a tad bit difficult as the urge for something sweet keeps caving in! And, when you think of cakes, you simply can't imagine them being dairy-free! But guess what, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without dairy or eggs with vegan desserts at these places in Mumbai; from cakes to healthy nut bars brownies & cookies, vegan desserts can taste pretty good too! But, the proof lies in the pudding & for that, you must take a trip around Mumbai for sweet & vegan. And, the next time around you're cribbing about not having enough options in the city, refer to this little guide we have for you! #NationalDessertDay

1. Chocolate Chia Mousse, Yogisattva

Ravenna Taurani makes sure that all her products are made with 100% pure ingredients, that are nutritionally coated and high on antioxidants. She makes Indian desserts for Diwali completely an organic, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free and gluten-free affair, this time around. You can order her Vegan & Gluten-free Saffron Malai Ladoos, Pistachio Cookies & Gajar Ka Halwa. You can place your Diwali order well in advance if you're looking for gifting options for your vegan friends.

2. Vegan Cacao Protein Brownies, Organza Foods

Asmita Deshmukh's Organza Foods is a home-food delivery service based out of Chembur. She offers one of the widest ranges of vegan products, including unrefined sugars, gluten-free products with various seed options. The best vegan item on her menu (that we totally love) is the mousse cake that is delectably made with cane sugar-free. How interesting is that?

3. Dark Chocolate Torte, Bombay Bizarre Baker

If you're looking for a healthy binge & want to treat yourself to something decadent, Tara kapur's Dark Chocolate Torte is the delightful answer. Her vegan confections are a great way to keep those extra calories at bay while she goes an extra mile to keep your dessert experience a delightful one. If you want to enjoy any of her creations this season, make sure you place your orders along with your dietary requirements one day in advance.

4. Banana & Chocolate Bread, Bombay Salad Co.

For those days when you crave for desserts but are watching your weight as well, Bombay Salad Co. presents to you an all-time favourite tea cake made with ripe bananas & chocolate. What's not to love, right? This vegan dessert is ideal to eat on a day when all is not well or on a day you're craving for comfort dessert! And, to top it, it's vegan & it tastes just as good as a regular dessert. The all-new addition to the family is Vegan Bliss Balls! They are perfectly fudgy, nutty and delicious, coming in flavours like coconut, raw cacoa, organic peanut butter & almond & organic cacao nibs.

5. Big Bad Brownie, Oh Dough

Ritika Chawla's Oh Dough is one of those dessert shops in South Mumbai that is perfect for late-night or midnight dessert treat. You can indulge in the huge palm-sized cookies in various flavours like Chocolate Chips, Double Orange Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline, Big Bad Brownie, Oatmeal & Raisins, Smores & Coconut. The delish Big Bad Brownie is made with sorghum, jaggery, 70%Dark Chocolate & Coconut Oil, making it one of the must-try vegan desserts in the city.

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BigBadBrownie🍫💯🌈⚠️ • Vegan🌱 • Made with✨Sorghum, Jaggery,70%Dark Chocolate, Coconut Oil, lots of❤️ •

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6. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, Hari Prasad Mithaiwale

If Indian sweets or as we fondly call it, Mithai is something you always prefer over the best cakes & icecreams of the world, then Hari Prasad Mithaiwale is the place to head to. But, let's be honest, sometimes you wish Indian sweets weren't too rich & sweet. But, now with this mithaiwala on the block, get on the vegan desserts bandwagon & indulge in traditional mithais like Kaju Katli, Cham Cham, Chocolate Barfi, Coconut Barfi, Boondi Ladoo, & Almond Peda.

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Get 10% off on your mithai order! This Dussehra, indulge in PURE VEGAN mithai that's dairy-free, refined sugar-free and 100% delicious! @hariprasadmithaiwale is a sweets shop based in Pune that has the widest range of vegan mithai on offer. And they deliver, too - you can order here { //bit.ly/2Op5SFf . Link also in bio } Choose from: Cham cham Katli barfi Chocolate barfi Coconut barfi Cashew barfi Boondi laddoo Almond peda and lots more! Order your favourites, and let us know what your favourite mithai is in the comments below! #veganmithai #hariprasadmithaiwale #vegansweets #veganfirst #vegansinindia #vegansofindia #indianvegan #indianvegans #veganindia #vegindia #indianveg #veganforhealth #veganforlife #goveganandbehealthy #govegan #dussehra #dairyfreesweets #veganmithaiinindia

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7. Power-Packed Bliss Balls, Vegan Bites

This 6-year-old dessert joint is headed by Samir Pasad and Hemali Gala, specializes in no-bake cheesecakes that are sweetened with natural sweeteners like coconut nectar. While fruit-based cheesecakes are their speciality, their Diwali menu comprises of power-packed bliss balls! If you want to grab some as gifts, this Diwali, pre-order them now!

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