7 Ways To Reinvent Coconut Water

7 Ways To Reinvent Coconut Water

Fresh coconut water is the ultimate summer energiser. Unlike commercial soft drinks and juices, it contains no preservatives, added sugar or artificial additives. Yet, it tastes the most delicious! Coconut water is packed with vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, potassium and calcium.

And at just around 46 calories per glass, it's one of the most low-calorie options among summer coolers. However, there is more than one way to enjoy your nariyal paani. Here are seven ways to glam it up and sip on inventive summer coolers (or mocktails if you want to be fancy):

1. With lemon juice, ginger, honey and sea salt: The lemon juice adds tang and the honey adds sweetness. Sea salt balances the drink and ginger soothes your throat. What's not to love?

2. With strawberry pulp and basil or mint leaves: The drink gets a pretty colour and the strawberries make it fruity and slightly sweet. Both basil and mint go well with the drink.

3. With ginger, lemongrass, garlic, coriander and salt: Turn coconut water into a healthy soup by adding these magical ingredients to it. Have it chilled.

4. With white wine and/or vodka and chopped tropical fruits: Coconut water makes for a pristine sangria. The summer fruits make it refreshing and the spirits gives you a pleasant buzz.

5. With iced tea or iced coffee: Give your caffeine fix a shot of good health and taste by infusing it with some coconut water. Or swap some of the water for coconut water.

6. With mango, mint, cucumber, and avocado: This thick green smoothie is a great breakfast replacement for busy mornings, along with a handful of nuts.

7. With watermelon, lime juice and lavender: Have it as a juice or a chilled, sweet soup. Garnish with berries, mint sprigs and grated coconut for a dessert-like feel.

Tip: You can turn any of these coolers into icy popsicles by freezing them in popsicle molds. Experiment with pulped fruits and crushed ice to create slushies.

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