8 Delectable Indian Recipes To Try This Weekend

8 Delectable Indian Recipes To Try This Weekend

Weekends call for comfort food but yummy indulgences too- something spicy, something tangy and everything delicious. It's a time you don't want to work too hard in the kitchen and still be able to dish out food that screams eat me! And, if you're still figuring out what your dining table should look like this weekend? You don't have to look any further because we've got you covered with perfect recipes from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.

1) Breakfast: Jowar Dosa

Start your morning with this fibrous and delicious Instant Jowar dosa recipe from Gahukar's Kitchen that is super easy to make. This Hindi Video perfectly explains how you can make this recipe in a jiffy.

2) Breakfast: Milk Oats

If you prefer sweet mornings, this Gujarati Video recipe by Unsullied Foods show you exactly how you can make your weekend mornings even better. Try it now!

3) Lunch: Papad Ki Sabzi

Bring this Rajasthan's household staple to your kitchen with Food Junction by Ajay's Hindi video recipe. Make your afternoons simpler yet spicier with this Indian curry recipe. Serve it with steamed rice or chapatis and you're good to indulge.

4) Lunch: Egg Curry

In the mood for eggs? Try this Kannada recipe video by Anu Swayam Kalike which is all things nice and spice! It can gorged on with plain steamed rice or served with parathas or rotis.

5) Snacks: Parle G Milkshake

Feeling peckish after lunch but in the mood for something cold and refreshing? Try this milky goodness by Anu Swayam Kalike (Kannada recipe video) with India's favourite tea-time biscuit, Parle G.

6) Dinner: Masala Bhaat

If you can eat rice in breakfast, lunch and dinner this Marathi Recipe video by Gahukar's Kitchen should be more than heaven for you. Simple yet packed with complex flavours is the specialty of this dish. Enjoy it with cucumber and mint raita.

7) Dinner: Veg. Multigrain Pasta Soup

Want to catch up on a light dinner? This Italian dish is made in a Gujarati kitchen by Unsullied Foods. And, it definitely is a great way to have healthy (the veggies) and amazing (because its pasta), both in one dish.

8) Dessert: Aam ka Halwa

Since it's the mango season how about finishing off your day with the sweet Mango Halwa? This dessert recipe by Food Junction by Ajay is a Hindi recipe video that screams all things mangolicious and aam-azing.

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