8 Food & Drink Stereotypes Women Are Tired of Hearing

8 Food & Drink Stereotypes Women Are Tired of Hearing

The whole 'Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars' idea is so deeply ingrained in our psyche and culture that it has even infiltrated the holy realm of food and drink.

In the west, steak and meat-heavy dishes are often considered 'man food' while salads and mini anything are deemed feminine. Here in India, if a woman drinks or smokes, people are bound to be flabbergasted. And if her drink of choice happens to be whisky or beer, the boys will be convinced she's lying.

Here's a wake up call - food and drink preferences have nothing to do with one's gender. This Women's Day, we decided to round up eight stereotypes that need to be shown the door immediately.

1. Wine is a woman's drink.

The love of wine knows no gender

Wine is for anyone who appreciates it. In fact, a lot of winemakers and tasters are men.

2. Women can do anything for chocolate.

Honestly, that's an exaggeration. Many women love chocolate, but so do a lot of men.

3. Whisky and beer? Nope, girls only like vodka.

Who created this stereotype in the first place? Loads of girls love beer and bourbon. Are you listening, Mr. Parrikar?

4. If she's eating healthy, she's dieting.

Or may be she just cares about her body unlike you, you grease-loving fanatic!

5. She can't finish a thali by herself.

I can eat all that and more.

Try me.

6. All women dig desserts.

Many women don't have a sweet tooth, just like there are men who adore cakes and barfis.

7. Women don't like to chomp noisily.

Hearing it yet?

That's only in public. We're more than happy to noisily tear open a pack of chips and scarf them down in the comfort of our homes.

8. Women never pick up the tab.

It's 2018. Take a look around you - bills are being split equally everywhere.

Oh, and can waiters please stop serving the larger portions and pours to our male friends?

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