9 Food trips to take with your best friend this Friendship Day

9 Food trips to take with your best friend this Friendship Day

From using the phrase, "Sharing is caring", when you needed something, from a simple pencil and eraser to clothes, random other things, makeup or even sharing a plate of food, you've grown up with them or met them at college, and since then your friendship has come a long way. Long gone are the days when Friendship Day was just about colourful ribbons and occasional celebratory chocolate, you've made new memories and bonded deeply over chilling at cafes with best friends you've made along the way. You've shared laughs, smiles, break ups and sob stories with them, so, how about putting that phone aside and sharing a plate of food over fun conversations with those people who made your life super fun.


Head to Ohanna's in Versova, a blink and you miss it kinda cafe that surprises you with the food they serve. While they do serve a variety of indian and chinese food, the one thing you must, must, must be trying this Friendship Day is their lesser known Chinese Thaali. With over 25 varieties of desi chinese dishes, this one should definitely be on your list for a hearty lunch with your friends.

Also, if you aren't in the mood for a chinese thaali, then Mini Punjab in Powai is your go to place. With over 40 varieties of North Indian dishes, this one easily suffices 4-5 people.


In the Topsia suburb of eastern Kolkata is Echoes, a tastefully done place that overlooks the city. Beautiful interiors, happy vibes and delicious food go hand in hand to make this your go-to place for a fun Friendship Day lunch. You can choose dishes from their sharing plates like the mezze platter, the chaat dukaan or the all-fried chicken board that are perfect treats to enjoy over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer!

Delhi - NCR

While talking about sharing platters, how can one not talk about the assorted platters that Nooshe Joon in Lajpat Nagar serves. Although the platters offer a large variety, it is their 1 meter long kebab platter that they are known for! You definitely need a large group to do full justice to this succulent dish. Grab your gang now and head there this Friendship Day.

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Home to the first "Social" in India, sharing platters at the various social outlets in Bangalore definitely needs a mention. From Breakfast to Lunch to Dinner, the Social Substantials and the Social Breakfast trays are there to ensure you don't go back hungry! And, when you're with friends, you won't know how time or the dishes flew past, because best friendships are made over food, right?


Ponnusamy Hotel in Nungambakkam serves a 32 inch thaali with over 50 varieties of dishes on it. From meat to vegetables to spices and munchies, it has everything on it and sure makes for an lip-smacking feast. And, to be able to share it with a friend or a group of friends will only make your food experience even better.


What makes the Bahubali thaali at Gir Rajwadi on S G Highway special, is that unlike other thaali places, it is an unlimited thaali and it allows 4 people share from 1 thaali!

Definitely the reason why you need to be having your Friendship Day lunch here!


The mandi at Marsala Food Company is just what you need! Loads of rice, grilled meats and fishes, this truly is heaven for a large group!


While a lot has been spoken about savoury sharing platters, Kiga Ice Cream in Pune serves an ice cream thaali that has over 9 varieties of ice cream. With unique flavours like Puranpodi, Til Gudche Ladoo and Ukadiche Modak, this one is indeed a sweet treat and the perfect way to end a celebratory meal!

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Blackout, located in C scheme in Jaipur is your go to place for a fun Sunday out with friends. With a beautiful indoor and outdoor seating, and the fact that it turns into a pub in the evenings, Blackout is definitely the place for you to be in this Friendship Day.

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