9 Ramzan Recipes for the Perfect Eid Menu

9 Ramzan Recipes for the Perfect Eid Menu

The holy month of Ramzan has come to an end and it's time to mark the end of fasting by feasting on Eid Al-Fitr! From savoury to sweet and everything in between, flavourful and rich are the two words that describe Ramzan recipes. If you're hosting an Iftaar Party for your loved ones this year, we have your Eid menu sorted! Check out these decadent Ramzan recipes, from appetizers to desserts, that will be the highlight of your Eid party.

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1. Peshawari Chapli Kebab

Originated in Peshawar, Pakistan, this dish can be made with both chicken and mutton. This minced barbecue meat formed into a thin, flat kebab, packed with a whole lot of flavour is a recipe by Chef Sadaf Hussain. Rounded in a cutlet style, it becomes an on-the-go snack or simply a great way to start off the Eid festivities.


2. Warqi Chicken Keema Samosa

Using Phyllo pastry sheets is not common in India but this recipe by Chef Sadaf Hussain is worth bringing to your Eid Party. It is just like a samosa that encases any kind of filling you love eating, sweet or salty. This one is made with chicken keema that is definitely hard to resist, so go on and make these for your family. Serve it with yogurt mint chutney.


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3. Keema Tikki

Mutton in all forms is much appreciated and this Eid is no different. Try these easy-to-make mutton keema tikkis by Veena and add a bout of flavour to your Iftaar dinner table. Serve it with mint chutney.


4. Bread Vada

This recipe by Gahukar's Kitchen is for those who're looking for easy and quick recipes that could impress guests. It's a dish that brings street flavours on to a plate and can be served with fried chillies and ketchup. So, this Eid, make your life in the kitchen easier and tastier with this recipe.


5. Bohri Chicken Biryani

With the tradition of eating out of one thaal, Bohri Chicken Biryani becomes one the tastiest dish to celebrate Eid with family and friends. Cooking the rice in hara masala is what makes it different from other biryanis and their cooking styles. Since this dish is mildly spiced, raita packed with chillies can give give it that extra punch.


6. Mutton Dum Biryani

No Eid or Iftaar is complete without a mutton dish; especially the mutton Biryani that truly epitomizes this celebration of joy. This aromatic basmati rice bursting with with flavourful marinated mutton, by Roopa Nabar can bring alive the Iftaar party like no other. A cucumber and mint raita is probably the best accompaniment with a dum biryani.


7. Nalli Nihari

Who doesn't love meat falling off the bone? Nalli Nihari gloriously spreads big smiles when you dive into the dish that is cooked for hours together. The only thing you need to eat this yummy dish is to have patience while it cooks. Enough said, try this recipe for your dinner guests and they'll be impressed.


8. Phirni

Like no festival is complete without desserts, Eid isn't complete without Sheer Korma. A rich rice pudding infused with cardamom and saffron and generously garnished with almonds, pistachios and cashews- almost like a kheer. This version made by Archana Arte can be served either, lukewarm or cold.


9. Sheer Korma

Another sweet delicacy that cannot go unnoticed during Eid celebrations is the Sheer Korma which is again a rich dessert that is usually made with vermicelli, milk, dates, dry fruits and ghee. This recipe by Archana Arte is a tad bit different so make your Iftaar special with this recipe.



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