A Waffle Revolution Has Hit Mumbai!

A Waffle Revolution Has Hit Mumbai!

The only way we remember eating waffles are for breakfast or as a sweet treat. But now, you can also have them as whole meals! Yes, you read that right. Several restaurants in Mumbai are going beyond the classic waffle to create something savoury and unique for your taste buds! Here are some of the must try waffles in the city.

Savoury Pumpkin Waffle

This is a gluten-free waffle that uses the Japanese pumpkin, known as Kabocha. The waffle is served with home-made tulsi yogurt (now that’s something you won’t find just anywhere!) and caramalised onions along with sage. Kabocha is said to be high in Vitamin C, tastes like sweet potato and has a texture of chestnut. Now that’s interesting!

Where: 212, All Good, Lower Parel.

Jackfruit Corn Waffle

Jackfruit in a waffle? Wow, just wow! This rarely used fruit is tossed in home-made barbeque sauce and served on a corn meal waffle. Since this one’s a little tangy, they use goat cheese and caramalised onions to balance the flavours giving it a sweet and sour taste, served with a salad on the side.

Where: Theory, Kamala Mills.

Crispy Kimchi and Fried Broccoli Waffle

This is by far the most original entry! The Crispy Kimchi and Fried Broccoli is a waffle topped with apple fennel salad and wasabi flavoured sour cream, but it doesn’t end there! They use pickled cauliflower and horseradish mayonnaise to enhance the flavours of this concoction!

Where: Swey, Rooftop Atria Mall, Worli.

Carbon Casablanca Waffle at IceKraft.

Carbon Casablanca Waffle

You’ll always want more! Featuring an in-house waffle base with edible charcoal, topped with carbon ice cream made with carbon milk, Oreo’s, Nutella, sprinkles and whipped cream, this is one dish you don’t want to miss out on.

Where: IceKraft, Oshiwara.

Sizzling Brownie Waffle at World of Waffles. Photo via Facebook.

Sizzling Brownie Waffle

Sizzling brownies are an all-time favourite, but this time there’s a twist. The guys at World of Waffles have created this scrumptious invention by making a brownie base waffle topped with ice cream and hot fudge sauce! It’s epic in every way.

Where: World of Waffles, across all outlets.

And we’ve saved the best for last.

Shahi Tukda Waffle

The Waffle Tree, a restaurant in Powai, is serving an incredible Shahi Tukda Waffle, topped with a mix of rabdi, rose syrup, gulab jamun and pistachio crumbs. Delicious is the only word that really comes to mind. But beware, a sugar rush is on the cards.

We must thank the chefs of Mumbai for continuing to reinvent and reimagine some of our favourite treats. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Where: The Waffle Tree, Powai.

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