10 Salads To Add Some Crunch To Your Summer Diet

10 Salads To Add Some Crunch To Your Summer Diet

Lying down on a hammock on a hot summer day, sipping on some iced tea, a refreshing salad is the only thing that seems like a good thing to munch on. And while everyone can only think of watermelon and feta, there is a variety of interesting summer salads that you can try to beat the heat.

While you chill beside the pool or throw a summer party, here are a few salads that can be a part of your summer diet.

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Chickpea & Spinach

You can’t really go wrong with Popeye’s favourite veggie. Chop up this green leafy veggie and mix it with some chickpeas, vinaigrette and salt and you’ve got yourself a bowl of health. Great for a diet we say!


Make the best of the fresh, juicy mangoes while they last and toss up this salad with the goodness of ripe mangoes, fresh melon and of course, tomatoes. Light and refreshing, a bowl of this is all you need this summer.


With bright red beetroots, creamy feta and a toss of healthy quinoa, this salad is perfect for a mini summer meal. Squeeze in some lemon juice, salt and pickled onions and whip it up for a barbeque lunch or a family dinner.

Mixed Greens

This salad is a great way to get a lot of greens in your diet and oh-so-easy to make. Just chop up any greens you have in your fridge, pour in a basic dressing and pair it up with some grilled meat and pack it for lunch. It’s that simple.

Sweet Potato & Pomegranate

While potatoes are great, sweet potatoes are even better. A sweet, spicy and crunchy salad, this is great as a 4 pm munchy. Add some chilli flakes, lemon and herbs to make it even more interesting.

Mango & Chicken

For everyone who can’t lay their hands off the meat, this succulent salad is a good choice. Just add some onions, tomatoes and chillies to complete the salad. Make sure you go for a second helping!

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Mexican Salad

Tortillas aren’t the only good thing about Mexico. This fulfilling wholesome salad has just the right amount of everything good and can truly help you get yourself through the soaring heat.

Strawberry & Cucumber

One of the most visually appealing salads, the beautiful red strawberries with the light green cucumber are a treat for the eyes as much as for the taste-buds.

Kale & Blueberry

Bringing together two super foods, kale and blueberry, this salad is all you need after a long day or heavy workout especially during the summer. Add a little lemon juice and zest for an added zing.

Grilled Peach & Avocado

The taste of a ripe grilled peach in a salad screams of summer. Pair it with a light and creamy avocado to balance out the sweet and sour flavours and you’ve got yourself a classic.

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