Adda with Kalyan: How to turn your food blog into a career #Hangout

Adda with Kalyan: How to turn your food blog into a career #Hangout

Some of the pioneers of food blogging.

Our latest Google Hangout, Adda with Kalyan saw some of the country's top food bloggers share their stories and journey so far. IFN's Editor-at-Large, Kalyan Karmakar hosted popular names such as Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Nikhil Merchant (Nonchalant Gourmand), Nandita Iyer (Saffron Trail) and Saee Koranne-Khandekar (My Jhola) in 'How to turn your food blog into a career'.

Rushina, who has been blogging since 2004 has many an accomplishment in her name. As a food consultant, author and owner of APB Cook Studio, she feels that blogging gave her an opportunity to explore the world of food writing.

Nikhil, who is prepping to launch his first restaurant in LA, believes that dedication is key to blogging. There was a time when he'd stay up beyond midnight to finish his posts and then go to work the next day!

Blogging about food has also given Saee a different high. She believes that it helps one to polish his/ her craft and realise one's potential.

Nandita on the other hand trusts her readers, and therefore has been open when blogging about brands.

Some key learnings that we'd like to take home from this Hangout are ->

  1. Be dedicated about the content that is going up on your blog.
  2. Do your research well.
  3. Keep yourself updated with the happenings.
  4. Ensure that the product is great by being your own editor!

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