Adda With Kalyan: India's Best City For Foodies #Hangout

Adda With Kalyan: Indias Best City For Foodies #Hangout

While Riyaaz maintains that Mumbai is the city to be in to experience a variety of cuisines

, he also feels that the city lacks good quality ingredients. Kaniska, who joined the conversation from Dhaka believes that Kolkata restaurants have a long way to go; the blogger feels that the city’s rich street food culture is what one should celebrate.

However, unlike metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, south India lacks the street food culture. Archana Doshi points out that more than restaurants, it is the microbreweries that have taken over Bengaluru. Amidst the big debate, Marryam H Reshii feels that some of the best food can be found in our smaller cities – Amritsar, Srinagar and Lucknow to name a few.

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