An Online Store that Delivers Made-to-Order Food Products at Your Doorstep

An Online Store that Delivers Made-to-Order Food Products at Your Doorstep

IFN Chef Gitika Saikia's Bhut Jolokia (in pic) & pork pickle are bestsellers

When was the last time you got to relish your mum’s homemade jams, pickles or namkeens? Seems like a distant memory, right? If you are craving for the goodness of such fresh products, then Gaurav Tandon of Yummade has a solution for you.

The Mumbai-based co-founder of an online food service that buys and sells lip-smacking goodies prepared by modern day home chefs, is the perfect place to shop for novel, preservative-free food products.

Taking baby steps

Yummade was started in January this year by Gaurav, who has a vast experience working in the consumer products industry in India and the UK. Only five months into business, this IIT Bombay alumnus’ venture has received quite a fan following among Mumabikars.

“In fact, we received over a 100 partnership requests in the first two weeks of our launch!” he says enthusiastically.

OMG Bacon Butter by Amrita Rana's Life ki Recipe

What you can expect

Browse through the site and you will find 250+ products ranging from jams, pickles, chutneys and dips to cakes, biscuits and breads prepared by home chefs or artisans and then packaged by the Yummade team to be sold on the platform.

Once the order is ready, it is delivered at the customer’s doorstep. “The main objective is to offer great taste, variety and convenience of packaged food without the harmful effects that come with them,” says the CEO.

Introducing the Yum-makers

So, who are these artisans? “You will find mothers who quit their full-time jobs and started preparing these items because they did not want their kids to have packaged food,” says Gaurav. There are also food experts and bloggers with a passion for cooking, who have ventured out to distribute their unique creations.

Goodies like the OMG Bacon Jam by Amrita’s Life ki Recipe, Bhut Jolokia pickle by Gitika’s Pakghor, Chocolate Chip Cookies by Anurita’s Eighth, Dessert Jars by Sugar Overdose, spreads and dips among others are some of the interesting products that are up for grabs on the site. The average price point varies from Rs. 200 to Rs. 400.

Mutton Kheema Samosas by Bohri Kitchen

You can partner too

What is interesting is that the model works both ways. Consider this. You are an expert in replicating your grandmother’s jam, and you have the recipe too. Now, you want to prepare the jam and sell or distribute it across the city. Here comes Yummade, who will not only help you packaging it, but also deliver it to the customer.

Have a unique recipe?

But, how does Yummade identify or select these artisans we ask Gaurav. “They are essentially people who have travelled the world, learned new recipes and perfected them through practice. Some unique recipes have been passed on over generations and they want to bring that great taste to people around them,” he informs.

Kit Kat Brownies by Eat.Sleep.Bake.Repeat


All the products are made-to-order with a natural shelf life of 1-2 weeks (except where the natural pickling/caramelisation process gives it a shelf-life of 1-2 months). “We do not stock anything in a store or warehouse, which ensures that the customer receives only the freshest product every day. Also, they are prepared under personal supervision, right from procurement of ingredients to the preparation and final packaging,” he says.

Coming soon

Overwhelmed by the response it has received in the last two to three months, Yummade now plans to offer products across breakfast cereals, breads, condiments, namkeens, ready-to-eat snacks – all of which will be made fresh without any preservatives.

If you are someone reading this outside Mumbai, unfortunately Yummade delivers only in the metropolis as their products are perishable. But, if you are living in Mumbai then all orders placed before noon, get delivered the next day.

Be it your everyday breakfast need, gift for a special friend or supplies for your next house party, Yummade could be the answer.

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