Bangladeshi Photographer Bags Award For Capturing 'Food For God'

Bangladeshi Photographer Bags Award For Capturing Food For God

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A man stirring a cauldron of food while devotees pray at a temple, a Brazilian woman serving food to hungry kids, a vibrant domestic vegetable garden, a pot of stew waiting to be devoured are some of the images that strike a chord with anyone who has an inclination towards food photography.

The Pinklady Food Photography Awards 2017 announced its final winners recently here, and the results are proof that food as a subject is a photographer's delight. The competition is open for professional as well amateur photographers. The Awards celebrate the very best in food photography and film from around the world.

The winning photograph belongs to Bangladeshi photographer Shoeb Faruquee. Titled 'Food for God', it shows a man preparing food while devotees pray in the backdrop at a temple in Bangladesh.

Other photographs that won in different categories capture themes like hunger, poverty, food styling and celebrations among others.

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