Bengali Recipes To Shake Things Up In The Kitchen

Bengali Recipes To Shake Things Up In The Kitchen

Bengali food includes fish, rice, and everything cooked in mustard oil which brings in the true flavor and the essence of the food. Did you know that it has a lot of Chinese and Mughal influence which makes their food even more interesting? The Mughals had a fixation on meat which was later brought on to the mainstream Bengali cuisine. We all know how much Bengali's love meat, especially fish. A daily meal will include rice, lentils, and fish curry. There's so much more to this delicious cuisine. From how to make mangsher achar to how to cook authentic ghee rice and Bengali prawn curry, this list consists of authentic Bengali recipes that you can make at home.

1. Mishti Ghee Rice

Mishti Ghee Rice is sweet rice that's topped off with dry fruits and is served during special occasions. It's made with a lot of ghee and sugar syrup along with a few spices that make this dish super yummy.

2. Sarnochur Khichuri

When you mix, mustard oil, rice and lots of veggies and spices, you get a traditional Bengali khichdi. This recipe will give you a step by step guide on how to make khichdi less boring.

3. Mangsher Achar

Mangsher achar is an authentic spicy Bengali pickle that's made of boneless mutton pieces. It can be stored for up to 2-3 weeks and is a treat to be eaten along with your lunch and dinner.

4. Macher Ganga Jamuna

Macher Ganga Jamuna is a traditional Bengali recipe that's covered in spiced filled marinade and fried in mustard oil. This is cooked during special occasions and makes the day extra special.

5. Poddo Luchi

A sweet dish, Poddo Luchi has a fluffy dough exterior that is filled with the richness of mawa and nutty flavours of the coconut and then deep-fried. Now, there's always something special about deep-fried sweets, isn't it?

6. Mutton biryani

Dhakai Tahri Biryani or Bengali style Mutton biryani is one recipe that you have to learn. It will change the way you eat rice and it's definitely a yummy dish to add in your weekly meal plan.

7. Prawn curry

We all know how Bengali's hold the expertise in cooking seafood but with this traditional prawn curry recipe, you can bring the authentic tastes of Bengal in your kitchen too. This dish is also called Chingri Malai Curry. Serve it with rice and your meal is ready.

8. Doi Posto

Hilsa is a popular fish in Bengal that's cooked in poppy seeds and mustard oil. This beautiful curry recipe goes very well with rice. So, do try and let us know if you like it.

9. Dhakai Chicken Curry

Dhakai Chicken Curry is prepared in a marinade full of masalas and fried in mustard oil. The chicken absorbs all those delicious flavours from the creamy paste of plums and dry fruits. You're going to love it!

10. Alur Dom

Alur Dum is a Bengali dry potato gravy dish. This recipe gives the traditional recipe a Chinese twist and it goes well with lunchis (bengali puris). You definitely have to try this wonderful blend of flavors.

These Bengali recipes are a must addition to your meal plan.

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