Best Biryani Chefs & Their Recipes

Best Biryani Chefs & Their Recipes

There is perhaps no chef in India who does not know how to cook Biryani. One of the most popular

dishes among the Indian food lovers, recipe for Biryani varies as many as there are states in India. India

Food Network did some research on youtube to find for our food lovers the perfect Biriyani dish straight

to your home. Have a dekho!

1.Hyderabadi Chiken Biryani by Chef Harpal: Chef Harpal brings you the best way to cook a Hyderabadi

Chicken Biryani. A very simplified, easy to cook dish you simply don't want to miss. Take a look here:

Hyderabadi Chiken Biryani by Chef Harpal

2.Restaurant style Chicken Biryani by Sanjay Thumma: Want to know how to cook a chicken Biryani

that tastes just like your favourite restaurant? Then don't miss this recipe by chef Sanjay Thumma, who

tells you the secrets from the restaurant which makes this recipe unique.

Restaurant style Chicken Biryani by Sanjay Thumma:

3.Vegetable Biryani by Tarla Dalal: All of us know Biryani's are one of the most popular dishes in South

India especially Hyderabad. Chef Tarla Dalal teaches us the simplest way to cook a Vegetable South

Indian Biryani. Check the recipe here:

Vegetable Biryani by Tarla Dalal

4.Murgh Biryani (Chicken Biryani) With Chef Swapnil: Here's another unique way to cook chicken Biryani by Chef Swapnil. If you're cooking for the first time and do not want to experiment too much then this is the best way to give it a try.

Murgh Biryani (Chicken Biryani) With Chef Swapnil

5.Malbar Fish Biryani by Gazena: If you though Biriyani, is just about meat, think again. Chef Gazena

brings to you Malabar Fish Biryani, a traditional Kerela style dish. Gazena teaches you how to cook this

delicious Biryani where the fish is layered delicately between the rice, and the masalas gently soak into

the rice to give a rich authentic flavour. Take a look:

Malbar Fish Biryani by Gazena:

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