These Bollywood celebrities only eat vegan food

These Bollywood celebrities only eat vegan food

This World Vegan Day, we find out why some of our favourite celebrities have chosen to go green.

‘’You are what you eat’’, we’ve all heard the phrase before. There are countless studies which talk about how the food we eat has a direct impact on our minds and bodies. Whether you turn vegan to shed those extra kilos or you do it out of compassion for animals and the planet, there’s no denying that going green has a host of benefits. From a lowered risk of heart disease to even reducing your carbon footprint on the environment, giving up all animal products including dairy, counts for sustainable living. Going vegan doesn’t just have to be a dietary choice; it can also be a lifestyle choice.

Our generation is one that is super conscious when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. A lot of actors and actresses have chosen to go green for exactly those reasons. Here are five Bollywood celebrities who have given up meat and dairy, and not looked back:

Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood’s very own style diva is known for being vocal about her stance on animal rights. She was a vegetarian for many years before switching to a vegan diet. Sonam Kapoor was even crowned ‘’Hottest Vegetarian of 2016’’ by PETA. In an interview, she was quoted talking about her decision to switch to veganism. The Neerja actress said that she had even given up dairy and switched to having her morning coffee with soy milk. If you follow her stories on Instagram, the actress often puts up the recipes for her favourite vegan meals and snacks.

Shraddha Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor’s daughter made the decision to become vegan in 2019. In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, the actress was quoted saying, “I think I am a smart eater. I love food, so I eat what I like. I love vada pav so I eat that too, but I also work out. Or else, in the night I may just have soup. But I can’t get too restrictive about my food as it’s an important part of my happiness.” The actress says that her favourite vegetable is bhindi, and apart from that she enjoys simple, plant-based and protein-rich foods.

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Aamir Khan

The Hindi film industry’s ‘’perfectionist’’, Aamir Khan, is known for his dedication to his craft. The iconic Bollywood actor and his wife, Kiran Rao, are both enthusiastic vegans. His decision to turn to veganism came after his wife showed him a video about the 15 most common diseases that cause death and how a diet change can prevent them. While the couple agrees on the benefits of plant-based foods, Aamir has admitted that the one thing he misses is a bowl of curd.

Kangana Ranaut

Once a hardcore meat eater, Kangana Ranaut is now a vegan. The fiery actress has been vocal about her views against cow slaughter as well. In a few of her interviews, she has talked about how eating meat was interfering with her spiritual practices. While the choice is only dietary for now, she says she would like to turn into an ethical lifestyle choice when her schedule is not so demanding. The actress says that giving up dairy and switching to a plant-based diet suits her internal constitution more and has helped her to feel healthier and lighter.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is one of Bollywood’s most enthusiastic animal lovers. She even won the title – ‘’Woman of The Year, 2014’’ by PETA. The actress has even been a brand ambassador for Body Shop’s range of cruelty-free makeup. The Sri Lankan beauty has always been candid about her meat and dairy-free food choices. She says that being vegan makes her feel better and healthier.

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